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1768degrees.com is a team of passionate people with expertise in Web Design, SEO and Content Creation based in Whangarei. We have been partnering with businesses, big and small, as they seek to expand their reach and connect with their customers online. We are creative, proactive, excellence-driven, and focused on helping our clients thrive with the websites and services that we deliver.

Our vision is to make owning professional and Google-friendly websites accessible for all businesses in New Zealand. As part of this endeavour, we proudly support community organisations and events across Whangarei.

Helping our clients reach their goals


Our mission is to help businesses grow through the following:

Whether you are just starting out or are looking to give your current website a fresh look, let us know how we can help with our extensive background in providing Web Design and SEO Services in Whangarei.

Get people talking about your brand and service

Join others who have entrusted us to deliver

Wishing you can make a sale or get a booking beyond your business hours regardless of location? We at 1768degrees.com, leaders in Web Design and SEO in Whangarei, create stunning websites, which are optimised for search and have sensible and targeted content that is engaging enough to attract the right kind of visitors.

We are passionate about providing website design in Whangarei and Northland, for professionals and businesses of all sizes; that are Google-friendly, rank when your customers search for your products and services and increase your business sales. Why create a website that doesn’t rank? Right?

At 1768degrees.com, we take care of the look and feel of your website as well as its technical aspect so you can focus on growing your business. We also do content writing, backed with the best SEO services in Whangarei, to help you rank in the searches, consequently driving leads to your website.

With our superb web hosting and on-demand website support, we give our clients peace of mind — knowing that their website is no longer something for them to worry about. 

Give us a call so we can discuss and plan for your new website.

Built to deliver increased sales for our clients

Web Design

We have a web design package suitable to your business needs. Fully bespoke and unique web design through to our affordable web design services, we make getting online possible for every type of business, goal and budget.

We work with you to deliver your end outcomes, not just a website. Reflect your brand’s identity.

Getting online doesn’t need to be a challenge. With E-Commerce web design, built on the world most popular platform the sky is the limit.

Achieve your business goals with a website from the Whangarei Web Designers

Web Design - Things to know

Launching a new website, growing your business online or refreshing your online brand is an opportunity to thrive. We would love to be part of your business success. Trust the countless others who have entrusted us to achieve their business goals, as if they were our own.

Call us old fashioned but its important to meet your web designers. Whether in person, or over Zoom it is crucial they understand your business goals and where you are heading.

We would be delighted to come to your offices and catch up, and see first hand what you are achieving and how we can ensure your new website meets your business objectives

Absolutely! We believe that it is really important that your business can update your website any time of day (or night). With a website from 1768degrees.com we ensure our clients can update their website whenever they choose.

Images and text are generally update-able, but sometimes with features and elements employed across a client site, there may be parts which require us to hop in and update as necessary. This is the exception rather than the rule.

Search Engine Optimisation


Search engine optimisation, commonly referred to as SEO, is the method of making every element of a website conform to search’s best practices and the ever-changing algorithms of Google. Essentially, SEO is the lifeblood of a website.

Let 1768degrees.com, a leading provider of SEO services in Whangarei, take charge of optimising your website so you can focus on growing your business. By applying SEO on your website, we can help you drive search from your target audience; improve your customers’ page experience; and ultimately, increase your sales.

Allow us to help you maximise the full potential of your online presence with our suite of SEO services that can support your businesses growth, wherever you are based in New Zealand.

Ranking first isn't everything - But it beats anything in second place

SEO - Things to know

Growing your business online requires people finding you, and knowing of your products and services. As users, we have become accustomed to trusting Google to deliver us the most accurate results. Rank #1 on Google with SEO services here in Whangarei from 1768degrees.com

On-Page SEO is the work undertaken on your website pages by your SEO Specialist. On-Page SEO can include a variety of aspects, from metadata to Title Tags, wording and page URL structure.

  1. Publish Relevant Authoritative Content
  2. Update Your Content Regularly
  3. Metadata
  4. Have a link-worthy site
  5. Use alt tags

Here at 1768degrees.com we educate our clients and clearly demonstrate what needs to be improved, enhanced or developed but we equally don’t try to baffle clients with technical jargon.

We set measurable and meaningful goals from the work we undertake. We achieve our clients goals of increased visibility, enquiries or sales through ranking them higher.

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“You cant really know where you are going until you know where you have been.”


We believe the same is true for SEO. It is for this reason, we start with a full SEO site audit. This looks at a whole list of areas to do with your website.

We provide this to our clients so that they know what steps are necessary for us to undertake. 

We grow traffic to our client websites through a structured approach to both on-site and off-site SEO and most crucially content creation.

Grow your business traffic today through ranking and SEO services from 1768degrees.com

Words that convert. Keywords that rank.

Content Writing

Got a sleek website but have content that’s simply not good enough? Wondering why your stats indicate visitors navigate away from your website after viewing a page? Your web content could be the problem!

At 1768degrees.com, we take pride in making websites that have informative, compelling, and Google-friendly content. We provide the best Content Writing services in Whangarei and Northland. Our content writing services help businesses effectively present their products and services; and ensure that when people search for what they offer online, their website ranks in the search results.

With our Content Writing services based in Whangarei, our clients can have engaging content that makes their business website stand out in the search results; and compelling enough to influence their customers’ purchasing decisions.

Get in touch with us today so we can discuss how our Content Writing Services can help propel your business online.

Content is King. Don't leave wording for your website to chance

Content Writing - Things to know

After a customer – or potential customer – views your website, feels reassured by the site design and the images they are greeted with, it is down to the words to convert this website visitor into a lead or enquiry. Writing for the web (website copywriting) is a skill as it requires writing for clients and for search engines, so your business ranks, allowing you to be found.

General Copywriting and Website Copywriting differ in some big ways:

  1. Website Copywriting is about capturing your audience in as few words as possible
  2. Website Copywriting is understanding the keywords and phrases that your customers and potential customers search for when online
  3. General Copywriting can be sales literature, email marketing campaigns and for newspaper placement – all techniques and styles differ!
  4. Writing for the web is about being found
  5. Website Copywriting needs to convey who you are, for when your customers cannot see you and your business in person.

Website Copywriting – This is generally referring to wording content on the main website pages – much like the content you are reading now!

Content Writing – This generally refers to the writing of blog articles, newsletters and product descriptions.


Here at 1768degrees.com we don’t believe our clients should learn jargon. We support our clients across all forms of copywriting and content writing. When you contract us to write your copy, for whatever part of your website, we understand that it needs to:

  • Capture your audience
  • Help improve SEO (search ranking)
  • Be accurate
  • Be content others want to link to and share
  • Add value to your business whether through Social Media, Newsletters or increasing enquiries.


Some of our recent PROJECT work

Below is a collection of some of our clients new website designs, SEO campaigns and projects we have undertaken. We are proud to work with clients, both big and small, from a variety of one off projects, to fostering ongoing relationships over many years and knowing their businesses inside out. One thing is a certain when a client chooses us as their partner, whether for copywriting, SEO or Web Design; we work to achieve our clients goals.

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Latest News, Tips and Guidance

Understanding what is necessary within the field of online marketing is a challenge. Put your trust in the wrong team, person or company and you can loose valuable months, money and time.

We actively want to empower our clients, and those looking for guidance and support within the field of Web Design, SEO and Content Writing. We share our knowledge and expertise freely, so that you can be assured, that what we are telling you, we are staking our reputation publically on.

We are proud of our achievements


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