Response To COVID-19.

6th April 2020


Taking this opportunity to be visible to your audience is an important Bottom-line, we still need to move forward to achieving your goals this 2020.

Don’t be afraid to introduce new things on your website and social pages. Adam Worley, CEO of 1768Degrees.com, a leading New Zealand web agency based in the heart of Whangarei has some very important insights on continuing your SEO and content marketing efforts:

23rd March 2020


Risk Level 3 and Risk Level 4.

On Sunday 22nd we launched a range of support measures to help NZ businesses. We will continue offering these with the heightened risk levels announced today.

Our business has been working remotely since Friday 20th March and are well prepared for remote working due to the nature of work we undertake.

During this Level 3 and 4 risk alert we are remaining upbeat and continuing to work with all our clients to ensure we can help them through this difficult time.

Founder 1768degrees.com

22nd March 2020


Open Letter to all New Zealand Businesses.

COVID-19 is impacting all business day to day operations. Each week the impact becomes ever more significant to New Zealand businesses.

Following New Zealand going to ‘Alert Stage 2’ and all New Zealanders being asked to limit social interaction, it’s clear that social distancing is going to be with us for the foreseeable future, changing the way we all interact with businesses and each other.

The impact this will have on businesses is yet unknown but it is clear that it will be significant.


So all businesses know where they stand digitally – all comprehensive website audit fees are being waived until further notice. There is no obligation to use us. We want businesses to have this information freely so they can work with whoever they choose to combat any downturn in their business.

Our standard free audit check can be completed below. All businesses completing this audit will then, within 24 hours depending on enquiry volume, receive a full website audit outlining all technical issues with their site.


If your business is significantly struggling due to COVID-19, we are offering free hosting for your website during this pandemic. Regretfully due to the traffic resources and ensuring that this is not abused, we can only host for free, sites that are non e-commerce based websites. If you have an E-commerce based website and are struggling we will still do all we can to help, but we may need to charge a nominal fee.

Please fill out form below to enquire on our free hosting:


We are waiving all costs related to website migrations. To achieve this we need current website files to be provided in a coherent manner. We also need your previous site to have been built using WordPress. If your site was built using another platform, regretfully we are unable to migrate your website. We understand you may not know what your website was built in but we can advise you of this and if it’s possible.

Please fill out form below to enquire on website migration:


If your website is not up to par, or built using another platform, needs a refresh or complete overhaul in readiness for this post COVID-19 world, we are offering interest free payments over 12 months on all websites. The site must remain hosted with us for obvious reasons and all fact finding will need to take place digitally. We know face to face meetings are always the best, but have put together guides and templates to help ensure we capture all the key information.

Please fill out form below to enquire on getting your website and web presence COVID-19 Fit:


For businesses without a web presence, the cost of getting online shouldnt be a barrier. We will build you a template based non e-commerce website (still optimised for Google) tailored to your brand and industry for $200 + GST including one year domain registration. Whilst as a rule we aren’t a fan of template based websites, as custom is always a better solution, we don’t want any business to not be able to survive due to COVID-19 and the cost of a website being prohibitive. To achieve this we must ask for total autonomy in the design of your site and determining from our years of knowledge what will work best.

Please fill out form below to enquire:


Appearing organically on Google remains the most important way to grow your business, now more than ever. All websites hosted with us will receive a competitor mapping and organic result rankings report emailed on a monthly or quarterly basis.

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We are happy to undertake work for businesses on contra deals and payment in kind. Even if that payment in kind is passed forward into the communities in which we live, we will accept that as payment. We know cash needs to remain within your business, and at this time all we may be able to give is our own services to those around us. We would encourage all businesses receiving support from 1768degrees.com through our COVID-19 support relief programme to ‘pass kindness forward’ within the community in which you operate. Even if that is collecting groceries for a vulnerable neighbour, we must remember that only together can we truly make a difference.

Please fill out form below to enquire:

20th March 2020



What is 1768degrees.com doing to help the business community?

We know that since the COVID-19 virus has become common talk, concerns across all communities in New Zealand, including the business community has heightened.

We are, as of 20th March 2020, halting all non essential in person meetings. We will still be undertaking meetings over the phone or via video conferencing.

We believe that it is right that we all do our bit to help flatten the curve.

Whilst there is a growing business uncertainty, you can be assured that at 1768degrees.com we remain committed to supporting all our customers and the wider community at large with our services of Web Design, SEO and Content Writing.

We know that communication with customers has taken precedent as a marketing must. If you are struggling to keep up across Social Media, content writing, articles and generally letting your customers know what the latest impacts to your business are, we can help.

Protecting customers and staff, and ultimately the public, is a responsibility of all. As more individuals self isolate, web traffic is increasing and online habits are evolving. 

There are still opportunities for your business, and now being online ever more so is a requirement. Customers aren’t out on the street, they aren’t popping into your store. They are at home and expect to be able to find you.

We are ramping up our efforts to best support all businesses. As part of this, we are offering for our website design build services to be paid in installments, with no extra charge. We know keeping cash on hand is vital and sinking money in this climate into a website, however vital, creates a difficult choice. 

As such, here at 1768degrees.com we are seeking to help small businesses in these unprecedented times, and believe that an online presence will help businesses weather the most difficult of storms, like what we are all facing.

Will our website hosting be impacted by COVID-19?

We do not expect any downtime for any of our client sites as a result of COVID-19. We utilise Google Cloud Services and they are confident that there will be no disruption to their cloud services.

Can we still get an SEO and website audit or move our site to 1768Degrees.com?

We are still accepting new clients, but are seeking fact finding meetings to take place via a conference or video call wherever possible. We also know that some businesses need the certainty of robust hosting and so we are also waiving migration fees for WordPress sites moved to our servers.


We are going to be doing everything to keep New Zealand businesses growing, online and found in customer search results.

We want to acknowledge and thank the team at 1768degrees.com for all they are doing behind the scenes. 

Finally we want to acknowledge the work of health officials, care workers here in New Zealand and abroad who are looking after not just those suffering with COVID-19 but looking after those most at risk.

We are here for all of our customers, staff and wish for everyone to stay safe. We are increasing our contactable hours to be from 7am to 7pm Monday to Friday. We have also launched a free phone number to help – 0800 33 1768.



Before founding 1768degrees.com I worked running business support programmes for the European Union, local and regional government, national government of the UK, supported Towns across Great Britain and lastly ran business support and tourism efforts across Whangarei. My reason for being, and ultimately that of 1768degrees.com, is to help businesses grow. I believe businesses have the biggest role to play in supporting communities and as such I established 1768degrees.com to facilitate this positive impact.

In these difficult times, this is ever more true and if I can offer any guidance or assistance to your business – call me personally on my mobile number listed below.

Founder 1768degrees.com
022 077 4600


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