Looking to expand your reach beyond your circle of influence? Do you want to have a professional affordable website where you can showcase your services? Do you want people to find your business when they search for keywords similar to what you offer? If you answer Yes to all of these, having affordable Web design from 1768degrees.com can achieve your goals.

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Cost Effective New Zealand Websites

Why a website matters to your business

A website is essential in establishing your identity online. Your website needs to communicate what you have to offer to your target market, how it will benefit their lives, and why they should trust your business and brand.

Seize the day

To seize this digital opportunity, you need to have a professional website that will best represent your business to your prospective customers, and be able to be found online.

A website reassures your prospective clients that you are the perfect soluton for their needs. It helps you address their concerns, before they even reach our to contact you.

There is of course, a massive difference between cheap and Affordable Web Design. As they say the devil is in the detail. 

Affordable Websites:

A fair price for a good service, that meets your expectations. Naturally, this is what all business are after! (Our prices start at $897 + GST)

Cheap Websites:

Initial low cost that will likely cost you more in the future. (Go to our competitors for this!)

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Leased Websites

Leased Websites are where you pay a monthly fee and get many extras included, but you never fully own the website. Think of it much like a Netflix model.

Whilst across the industry these services vary, we have two options that are tailored to deliver industry leading benefits and value.


Our low cost solution to getting online that covers everything including website copy writing, hosting and much more to get you online. Interested? Click the link above or here.


This is our premium bespoke web design solution. Customised to you, and a new website every three years. You cannot get anything as robust. Never worry about a new website again!

We know when you start out it can be tempting to go with a free page builder, but when you are charging your clients a premium do you want random ads on your website? Do you want a site that looks like it was DIY?

Whilst some industries may appreciate you aren’t a skilled web builder – what does it say about your business if it appears you cut corners or cannot afford a professional website?

Our Websites start at $897 + GST. The difference is they do not look it.

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Low Cost Websites that don't cost you business

Get online. Get Found.

Affordable, Low Cost, Cheap, reasonably priced. All these words are used interchangeably. We hate the word cheap (more on that later).

We have worked with many businesses and know your ‘musts’

  • Work on mobile
  • Look good
  • In keeping with our brand
  • Ability to self manage (update) the website
  • Be Secure

We understand these and so many more ‘musts’ are rightfully front and centre of your concerns. Our websites seek to meet all Google best practices, and so not only meet these musts, but Google’s too.

We make sure your website ADDS VALUE.

Make an impact. Grow your online business.

Call our websites anything but 'Cheap'

The mistake that some business owners make is failing to see the significance of having a website for their business. They do not allocate a budget for website design in Whangarei and Auckland, assuming that social media accounts are sufficient to represent their business and transact with the online buying public. No matter how small your business may be, it is best to allot a budget for a website. It is possible to get an affordable web design in NZ that looks professional, highly functional, and visually appealing.

Our Approach

At 1768degrees.com, we offer affordable web design in Whangarei and across the whole of New Zealand for small businesses. We are passionate about helping entrepreneurs build and strengthen their online presence with a website that gives them an advantage over their competitors. Don’t let budget constraints stop you from having one. We provide affordable website designs in NZ that get you found in Google and ensures safe online transactions with your customers.

Invest in your business. Our affordable WEB DESIGN SERVICES are the perfect stepping stone.

Affordable Web Design by 1768degrees.com

We are proud to have helped our clients get ahead with the affordable web designs we have created for them. The affordable websites that we have made are not cheap and do not lead to downtime, lost sales, or any untoward web problems.

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Fixed price web design services

Our website design services in Auckland and the whole of NZ are all quoted in fixed-price contracts. They are all-inclusive of the client meetings and project scoping conferences. The fixed-price, affordable websites that we deliver adhere to SEO best practices. That’s our standard across all of our web design packages.

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Secure, flexible, and scalable

When you decide to partner with us to create an affordable web design for your business, we ensure that it is secure, flexible, and scalable — with automatic daily backups on our cloud hosting. And since it is scalable, you have the option to upgrade to a more enhanced web presence when you are ready.

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Gets you found online

With our affordable web design in NZ, we help your business get found in Google’s search results. Search engine optimisation is available across all our websites, if you want. You need not worry about your affordable website showing up in the searches.

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There are many things to consider when choosing a website. 

With affordable web design services, you can often have to compromise quality for cost. 

  1. Instead our affordable web design services use template based website designs ensuring that your business can be up and running within weeks not months.

Our Website services do indeed start at $897 + GST. 

This would include a basic website design, coupled with this being in your branding and colour-scheme. 

We don’t include the unnecessary frills in our affordable website service, (which are available as an add-on service).

Our clients add their own words and images to make these amazing prices affordable.

Depending on the package your chose from 1768degrees.com depends on whether the website is fully owned or rented by yourselves.

Our affordable web design service websites are 100% owned by you!

Looking for a Pay-As-You-Grow Web Design option? Here we do all aspects of your website for one low setup fee + an affordable monthly sum

Depending on the CRM you use we should be able to connect to your website.

This means that instead of the contact forms sending your email enquiry to your inbox, it will immediately go into your CRM for you to action.

We seek to make our websites fit with your business practices.

Like all things, different companies charge different amounts for their services.

We always try to offer a fixed price service for our web design and development as no-one ever likes a surprise bill!

Here at 1768degrees.com, we understand that getting online should be simple, but rarely is. It is why we created solutions from template web design through to truly custom and bespoke web design solutions that are tailored entirely to your businesses needs.

Our Pricing starts at just $89 per month for PAY-AS-YOU-GROW web design services.

We are the Whangarei Web Developers who will no doubt have a solution to fit your pricing requirements.

Grow your business. Make the first step today.

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Ready to expand? We can add more pages, features, and services to take your affordable web design to the next level. Reach out to us soon so we can talk more about creating your website.