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The Cost of a Mobile Website

Today’s generation is a bunch of natural tech navigators. Smartphones have become ubiquitous, no one leaves home without one. All the more screen time becomes prevalent anywhere and everywhere.

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When the World Uses Google for Everything

Whenever we’re stumped, we whip our phones out and raise a finger mid-conversation just to say, “Let me just Google that!” For sure it has at one time or another, happened to everyone on this planet, we’ve Googled something, it’s no longer a question as to why we tend to do this, it just happens naturally like breathing.

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Google My Business: The Best Way to Get Found Locally

There are many reasons why business owners should sign up for a Google My Business profile. That’s GMB for short.

Google My Business is FREE, yes free! Google my Business (GMB) is an online application that lets companies and businesses with a physical office or a retail store, become more visible online.

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