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Based in the heart of Whangarei, we are 1768degrees.com. We are passionate about Web Design, not only because a website if built with your end customer in mind increases sales, but because when a website is built to best practice standards, it ranks effectively in Google Search Rankings. A website that doesn’t rank is like a shop no-one can find.

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Helping New Zealand Businesses Grow. We are 1768degrees.com

Wherever you are in your company journey we can help

Whether you are just about to launch your business online or would like to revamp your existing website, we can customise our solutions according to your needs. As we aspire to make website design across NZ accessible for all, we have come up with the following web design packages:

Excited to have an enhanced and conversions-driven website? Feel free to reach out to us at any time. We can schedule a Zoom meeting or in person chat to discuss how we can partner with you as you expand your reach online.


It is common to land on a website design company and for them to hide their prices. Sometimes it can seem that this is done for nefarious purposes. We understand that, which is why we work with our clients – both big and small to put in place fixed priced quotes specific to their requiremetns.

Price is a moving feat with Web Design and here is why:

  • How many pages does your website need?
  • Is your website E-Commerce?
  • Do you need to be able to add additional pages (other than blogs)?
  • Are you looking at a custom truly unique website, or is off the shelf suitable?


We offer a variety of Web Design services, tailored and customised towards each clients individual needs. 

Our prices are more affordable than you think, and we offer many elements that are ‘extra’ from other Web Design Specialists.

Whilst it is true that most of our clients are based here in Whangarei, we do not solely support Whangarei businesses. For starters we are delighted to be chosen by companies based throughout Northland, but it does not stop there. We have clients who cover the whole of New Zealand, (and are based in Wellington) through to clients based in the UK.

We work with all our clients in the same way:

  1. Understand what the clients end goal is
  2. Understand any business or budget constraints
  3. Undertake an audit to benchmark where the business is currently
  4. Develop a fixed price proposal* to support the clients end objective
  5. Implement Web Design Plan

We offer a free 30 minute Web Design consultation. This allows you to discuss your plans, meet us and determine ‘if you like the cut of our suit’ (we don’t wear suits generally), and if our values and two companies align.

If you are based in Whangarei or the surrounding areas, we will come to you by arrangement, alternatively if you are further afield we can arrange over Zoom.

We build on WordPress for our bespoke clients due to the full customisation and SEO possibilities that are available for us to utilise to their best effects. 

WordPress is at the time of writing the Number 1 website platform. That is no small achievement. But with this open source approach, it means that plugins, applications and the tools you use in your business work seamlessly with WordPress.

We also utilise an ‘in house’ platform for smaller businesses and those wanting a more affordable solution. This is removing a-lot of the complexity from the platform, ensuring that we can offer low cost solutions to those businesses who need it.

If you have a website with us, we offer some of the most comprehensive website hosting plans available. Details of which can be found on our Hosting Page. The big difference with our hosting plans for our websites (WordPress Websites) is:

  1. Dedicated Resources – Your website isn’t on shared servers with other client websites – NO SLOW DOWN
  2. Updates – We update the plugins on your website
  3. Backups – We store copy of your website so if the worst should happen we can restore it
  4. Support – We only offer support to websites that we host so that we can be as effective as possible in delivering the best results to your business
  5. ‘Unlimited Change Packages’ – We offer unlimited change packages where we can update the wording and images on your website for a fixed monthly fee no matter the number of changes. 

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Want to have a professional and bespoke website? Hoping that your current website can help you get ahead of your competitors? Want to have more engaging content on your website?

Send us an inquiry! We’re more than glad to help you out with our expertise in Web Design, Content Writing, and SEO services in Whangarei, Auckland, and the whole of NZ.

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