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Affordable Web Design in NZ

Affordable web design is more than just cheap web design. Whilst the two phrases are used interchangeably, the simple truth is affordable web design is more than just about the initial cost. 

Would you buy a car costing very little to only have it cost a fortune each month in running costs, maintenance repairs, and servicing? We wouldn’t. 

The same is true with affordable web design. Here at 1768DEGREES we know your time is valuable. We don’t ask you to learn web design so that you can get online at an affordable price.  

We developed an affordable web design solution through 1768DEGREES so the small businesses like yours could get online grow and flourish. 

So, what’s the difference between cheap web design and affordable web design?

Affordable Web Design in New Zealand

Cheap Web Design:

Cheap web design is typically a price driven exercise that ultimately leaves businesses choosing free website templates. These free website templates, they have to set up themselves which also typically come with a high long-term cost to the business. 

Such challenges can include: 

Affordable Web Design

Affordable web design from 1768DEGREES however, is good value web design where the set-up fee covers those areas that a typical business cannot do for themselves.  This can include: 

At 1768DEGREES we are proud to be able to offer affordable good value web design whilst taking away the pressure’s, difficulties and barriers to small businesses getting online it is on this basis that we created the 1768DEGREES Web Design packages. Each package is focused on the needs of different business groups and reflects the time necessary for the team here at 1768degrees to spend to get the website and business up and running 

1768DEGREES was formed by the team behind 1768degrees.com who are the web design and SEO specialists we love the work that we do and wanted to extend the way in which we could help small businesses without the barriers to entry that custom and bespoke web design often creates. 

Get in contact today with the team and seeing how we can help you and your business grow through our new service 1768degrees.

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