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Building an Email List

building email list

Email marketing is especially handy with first time visitors as they require the most convincing to make a purchase.

Many consider this form of marketing to be less intrusive especially since it does not cost people anything on their end. Companies today even include incentives such as discounts, free gifts or knowledge to clients who are willing to share their email address. Here are some steps you and your business can follow to start building your email list before you even put your product in the market.

Building an Email List - e mail service -

The Importance of a Targeted List

Email lists are considered by many to be the foundation of successful campaigns. Organsing them should be your top priority. It is not worth spending your resources in creating attractive email campaigns with complex design, engaging copy and special offers without building their foundation the foundation first. There are three important qualities for a good email campaign: Quality, Relevance and Quantity. Acquiring authentic information from customers and potential customers (not from a bought email list) falls under the quality category. On the other hand, focusing your attention on a specific audience who are genuinely interested in your products or services is what relevance revolves around. Last but definitely not the least, is quantity which is something that is done after clearing the first two priorities and proceeding on the volume and growth of your list.

Building Your Email List from Scratch

It should be noted that website management plays a very important role in building your email list. A good example of this is having a pop-up offer to your homepage. Instead of turning a blind eye and heading towards the back button, having the right offer can make a huge difference in helping save a potential sale. The same can also be said with regards to having a sign-up button on your social media channels as signing up for an email list allows your clients to stay up to date on new products and services.
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Another handy feature that you may not want to take for granted is having an email sign-up form placed in your website’s navigation or footer. This is handy for customers who are looking for additional information about your business. Although the conversion rate will not be pretty impressive right away, their effects slowly add up over time making it a worthwhile investment.
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Accelerating Your Email List Growth

After laying the groundwork, you can start adding new subscribers to your email list. There are however, a number of innovative ways to increase subscribers. Social Media Chatbots can prove to be quite an invaluable asset introducing automation to messaging-focused channels which in turn helps save business owners time and resources. You can also consider running targeted ads to drive traffic to a landing page with an email subscribe call to action. Mixing up your offers, holding a contest or giveaways can also be great ways of encouraging people to subscribe to your email list.

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