Using Transition Words For Seo And Readability. What Are They And Why Should I Care?

There's good writing, and there's SEO writing. But good web copywriting features a balance of both. You want to get the right amount of keywords into your article, while your sentences flow naturally to the reader.

You don’t want your reader to stumble through too many repetitive keywords, or feel what they’re actually reading has more fluff than substance.

SEO writing is tricky at best, due to its writing construction being intentional. Anyone who writes for a living knows the reason for this is always two-fold: 

  1. You want to build a big readership to establish authority. 
  2. You want search engines to know you are signaling your intent with keywords.

SEO is short for Search Engine Optimisation (and yes you will also see it spelt as optimization for sites catering towards an american audience).

The Importance of Transition Words in SEO

Of course, you want to make sure your copy is optimised and relevant. To achieve this, you should use transition words.

Transition words can help you reach a good readability level for your copy. Simple words and phrases like ‘hence’ ‘more importantly’, ‘because’, ‘perhaps’, ‘imagine that’ ‘first thing to remember’, or ‘on the other hand’ can give you better results.

Transition words typically connect sentences. And they do it seamlessly. They create that smooth break between words. It gives the user a reading prompt that the sentences is about to start on a new idea. Also, it makes sentences sound less impersonal or robotic.

That being said, transition words are not always found at the beginning of a sentence. They can be found in the middle or even at the end, for instance. Yes, just like that.

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How Transition Words Affect SEO

In terms of SEO and readability, transition words are utilised as a content structure metric. 

A search engine can’t really tell if you’re an amazing writer per se, it only gauges your writing based on the percentage of transition words used, keyword density and distribution, sentence length and word count. As of late, Yoast recommends using at least 30% of transition words in your writing (that’s around 1 transition word or phrase for every 1-3 sentences). 

But forget formula for a moment, the bottom line here is not about hitting the mark with regards when and where you should sprinkle transition words in your content. What’s more important is that your content makes sense, that you are presenting your thoughts and ideas in a coherent manner. Undoubtedly, enriching your reader with information. 

All things considered, the goal of a good content strategy is to make site content that’s both readable and appealing to any user who randomly stumbles on your website.

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