What are the Top Tips for Finding the Best Content Writers or Bloggers for Your Business?

What are the Top Tips for Finding the Best Content Writers or Bloggers for Your Business?

Behind every successful content marketing campaign is an army of workers. Whatever marketers produce whether it is an e-book, webinar, blog, article, or web page company, an army of writers is always at work.

However, one thing that most people say is that usually content found online is junk; it is completely useless. It means that when content is created with quality in mind, it will stand out. If ever your in-house writer is not doing a great job, there could be two reasons: he or she is not really the writer you are looking for or you might be feeding your writer the wrong information.

In any company, the responsibility of producing great content rests on the business. In the first instance, it is the business that has goals and has to deliver the best results. It is the employer who is tasked to find the most suitable writer.

The following are some tips to consider when searching for a suitable writer for the company. (They are in no particular order by the way.)

1. Look for a writer with a credible academic background who knows your niche by heart.

If you run a business that deals with auto parts, you need a writer who has a strong background in the automotive industry and preferably someone who writes much better than the content of your competitors. If your content writer simply rewrites anything that can be found on other sites within the same niche as yours, it’s likely that your content won’t bring your business success. What’s worse is that people might question your authority in the niche you’ve chosen. Every writer has his or her own specialisation. Check the portfolios of your applicants, and choose the one who can handle the contents needs of your marketing campaign.

2. Be tough on your deadlines.

Now and then you have to understand that writers may need to take some time off. However, don’t be too lax on the deadlines. You have to evaluate every missed deadline closely. You certainly need a writer who will be able to meet the company’s deadlines. Let your writer understand the situation. You might also want to consider adding more writers or perhaps finding a replacement if you think your writer is underperforming.

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3. Choose a writer who can engage readers with his or her style.

When you read your writer’s work, you might find it impressive. It’s crisp and easy to understand. Well, make sure that it’s not only you who feels that. It might be because you know your niche and its jargon, but what about those who are not familiar with your business? That’s why it’s important for you to look for a writer who can make any boring subject fun and interesting. Check the writing samples and pick the one that shines above all else.

4. The writer must find plagiarism abominable.

Before you close the deal with any writer, give him or her a trial task to assess the writing style, grammar, quality of research, and most of all its originality. You can check the article through a plagiarism checker and try to find any sign of lifted material. If you find anything fishy, look for another writer.

We always stick to the facts. Without them, we’re just a bunch of loudmouths not making sense.

5. You have to clear on your expectations.

A suitable writer must be able to help you come up with a content strategy. You may also have to consider if you want to do it on your own. Ask of the writer can self-edit and is open to revisions and rewrites. You also have to be clear on the number of articles or blog posts. Is it just web content that you need or there could be more? When you set your expectations, the writer would feel a sense of urgency and accountability. This also helps you to organize your tasks.

6. Along with the expectations, you have to determine the type of content you need.

Good writers can write about anything, but if it is for a business you want to hire a writer who will excel in the special areas that the company needs. List down the type of content that you want to be written and provide a brief description of the work and its scope. Indicate if you need photo content, graphic content, written content, or video content.

7. Determine the cost of hiring a content writer for your business.

The amount you are going to pay a content writer depends on a variety of factors such as the scope of the project, the type of content, the skill and level of experience of the writer, and the content’s degree of difficulty. You can’t have a template for calculating the cost of hiring a content writer. All you can do is to estimate. There are online tools that can help you with this. Just keep in mind that when it comes to the cost of hiring a content writer if you intend to receive mediocre work, pay less. If you want an excellent job, pay more.

8. Make sure that your content writer knows SEO.

It’s one thing to have a natural talent in wordplay. But when it comes to online writing, that’s not enough. You also have to consider the technical side of algorithms, SEO, and keyword density. When you write for any site, regardless of how prolific and sound the content is, it won’t have any value unless it appears on the top results pages of search engines. A good online writer means someone who has a way with words and at the same time has working knowledge about search engine optimisation. In layman’s terms, it means how to play with words and use keywords in the content. These keywords are what users often encode on the search engines when they’re looking for the service or product you are selling.

You may find it challenging to run a business without a strong suite of content writers and creatives in your company. Make sure you know how to find them. You can start by checking Whangarei blog writing services at 1768degrees.com


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