21 Most Profitable Business to Start in 2021

New Zealand is one of the best places on earth to start a business this year. This is according to the World Bank which also made a prediction that the Kiwi economy will reach new heights in 2021 because of its excellent governance and effective control of the pandemic.  

If you are thinking of starting a business, you are in the right place. 

The big question though is: what business to start? To help you decide, we’ve listed 21 most profitable businesses you can start in 2021.  

When starting a business, stick with what you know. Because a business is profitable, doesn’t mean it should be for you. If it isn’t your jam or passion – stay clear. However our ‘for fun’ run down of businesses to start 2021: 

1. Accounting services

If you’ Accountants are resilient. When times are tough, a good accountant is worth his weight in gold. (and charges as such) re good at numbers and can deal with the tax man (and woman)start an accounting office with a lean but mean team. Every company needs external accountants and this year, as the economy comes to a fresh start, accountants are sought after more than ever. As we saw during the pandemic –

2. Tax and finance management services

Tax preparation, finance management and bookkeeping are similarly sought after as industries move to keep up with regulations. They can also tell you, you are spending too much on coffee. Hmmmm Coffee. 

3. Holding enterprise

A holding company or enterprise makes profits from stocks and shares of other businesses. While you’re not operating the business itself, you are capitalizing on their product or service. A day trader by any other name. Perhaps we were watching Wolf of Wall Street when we decided to list this one. 

As always, real estate is the way to go to rake in good money. Commercial rentals and leasing are also in demand as ever. Key is building trust and a following. Also when times are bad it’s very difficult to earn a living from. If you like looking at yourself in the mirror, then why not try your hand at Real Estate. You’ll get to see your face on your property listings if nothing else. 

4. Real estate, rentals, and leasing

As always, real estate is the way to go to rake in good money. Commercial rentals and leasing are also in demand as ever. Key is building trust and a following. Also when times are bad it’s very difficult to earn a living from. If you like looking at yourself in the mirror, then why not try your hand at Real Estate. You’ll get to see your face on your property listings if nothing else.

5. Agriculture

Food is a primary commodity and the whole Kiwi nation depends on agriculture to survive. By engaging in agriculture, you’re not only raking in profits, you’ll be helping the whole nation, too. Earn extra by selling direct to consumers and cut out the supermarkets. Wait for people to tell you their apples have ‘spots on them’, close your agriculture business, go back to the office 9-5. Hello ‘The Goodlife’ Goodbye ‘The GoodLife’

6. E-commerce

Everyone’s buying online, pandemic or not. Of course COVID-19 has affected many retail businesses and how consumers shop, but we’ve seen buying trends shift towards online purchasing. E-Commerce is a strong option as you can sell things you love. Also, as you’d expect – we do websites. So… Just saying!

7. Legal services

Services include preparation of legal documents, notary and other legal transactions. Insert Jokes about sharks and lawyers.

8. Medical services

Laboratory and diagnostics services, pharmaceutical and nursing services are a few of the wide range of medical services you can offer. Granted 4+ year lead time for many of these roles, however if you are twiddling your thumbs and fancy a new role? Maybe this could be for you.

9. Trucking and Logistics

Moving goods and products has always been an essential business. As online shopping increases, logistics firms are no doubt going to see an increase in demand. Keep on trucking.

10. Food catering

This involves preparation and delivery of cooked meals for individuals or large groups. My Food Bag is going for IPO in 2021, and Hello Fresh has become New Zealand’s third ‘supermarket retailer’. If your food never looks like the meal pictures, this might not be the perfect solution.

11. Energy generation and supply services

Generating energy, especially renewable energy, and supplying energy has always been a most profitable business. You might need more than a kiwi back yard to start, but from small acorns…

12. ‘Manpower’ agency

Manpower services are of course essential to any industry, whether in construction, manufacturing or retail selling. All companies need workers. Your company should be able to bridge the workers to become the manpower needed to run the industry.

13. Telecommunication

Internet connectivity has become a must. Imagine lockdown without the internet. Imagine your kids calls telling you ‘im bored’. Maybe tin cans and string could become the new web?

14. Equipment rental and leasing

Sports equipment, agricultural equipment, sound system and other rental equipment are considered here. Earn money whilst others use your equipment. Of course the challenge then becomes how you protect and insure your assets.

15. Pastry shop

Everyone loves pastries. A Pastry Shop will surely earn you more fans and clients. We would be there, We love our Pastries that’s for sure. But if you are selling Pastry, sell coffee’s too. The perfect combo.

16. Marketing and Advertising Services

Online marketing and internet advertising are the business of the future. That is if Facebook stops disconnecting its customers in its own form of censorship, cancelling news and trying to be bigger than governments. Worrying times.

17. Health and Wellness

All things healthy and good can be served, marketed and build up to become a business. Perhaps just not tell us all that it is made from peas!

18. Blogging and vlogging

Blogging and video blogging can make millionaires out of social media influencers. Who knew dancing along to TikTok could allow you to become the face of carbonated drinks. But times are a-changing!

19. Creative designer

Re-design, re-colour and revise spaces and commodities. Alternative just redesign brochures. Whatever your needs, if you have a creative flair you can help businesses with their marketing. Don’t have a creative flair? Stick-Man anyone?

20. Virtual assistance services

A virtual assistant will work on all delayed projects, and keep tabs on clients. The virtual bit we love the most – working from PJ’s is something we miss from 2020.

21. Flower arrangement and delivery

And finally, the beautiful business of supplying and sending flowers. Who doesn’t love receiving flowers. Except those with hayfever.


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