Digital Marketing: How to Get Your New Zealand Business to Survive the Covid-19 Pandemic

Digital Marketing: How to Get Your New Zealand Business to Survive the Covid-19 Pandemic

It’s hard to anticipate what’s on the horizon at the start of a global pandemic. There’s obviously fear and panic across businesses, people in general are scared. This is a terrible time for everyone on the planet, especially those most vulnerable.

Yes, there are various socio-economic impacts brought to us by pandemics such as COVID-19, but we must do our best to remain vigilant and proactive to ensure that we go for growth instead. Business owners need to come up with solutions to achieve business resiliency.

Given the situation at hand, businesses have to shift to virtual systems instead. This would involve digital marketing, online meetings, and such. Potentially, this would be a factor in businesses’ survival, especially in this pivotal time where physical presence poses risks to our health. 

The limitations now to in-person platforms continue to become a challenge for all. For institutions to survive, they must be able to develop proactive alternatives to compensate for it for the time being.

Adaptability Is Key

Despite the challenge, it’s good to think that there are opportunities in disasters. To be a more resilient business, one must be able to adapt quickly and be creative. For firms who typically handle their operations face-to-face, adapting to the digital era might mean having to establish online platforms for your brand, or exploring social media to sustain engagement within your target market. 

There are different ways to approach such problems, but as the pandemic affects everyone, not just an individual group, it’s fair to say clients want this approach so they themselves are not at risk. Given that all of the pandemic’s dangers are still indefinite, we all need to be safe.

Although it is a difficult time for businesses that have never used online platforms before, it’s the closest shot we’ve got at the moment to staying running, and functional.

Doing Business with Empathy

In a time like this, it would be great to check up on your clients and ensure they’re in good shape. Since we’re all battling this crisis together, another thing you could do is look out for them and see what you can do to give a little help.

A small gesture can ensure resiliency, as both parties are sustained for the time being. Think beyond the 14 days of the self isolation / quarantine. When you give support, you foster life-long connections and loyalty in return.

Here at we have proactively gone to ALL existing clients highlighting the extra steps we are undertaking for their business (for free) to help during this time of crisis. We have also released an open letter to all businesses stating the work we will be undertaking for any business impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Proactive Mindset

With everything happening, a lot of businesses and companies are going downhill. To survive, owners really must be proactive to see how they can keep operating even in a time like this. 

Having a proactive mindset is crucial nowadays because we’re all struggling, and in a crisis like this, all we’ve got is each other. Eventually, when all of this ends, we’ll be back to doing the things we love.

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As most major cities in the world go on lockdown, the economic effects of the Coronavirus will be deeply felt by local businesses and startups across New Zealand. Shops and offices will close indefinitely and with social distancing being the norm now, we know firsthand that working remotely can be challenging.

What we can we do to help? is here. Just like you, we are part of the community. We want to see your business thrive even during these trying times. If you need help with your website, your content or social media, let us know. It’s a little thing we can do for you and your business. We’re just an email away. It’s OK. Don’t be shy. 

Just ask. We’re all in this together.


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