Email Marketing Newsletter Services in New Zealand – 6 Big Benefits to Boost your Brand Following

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Here’s a tidbit older than the Internet itself, email technology is almost 50 years old. What started as military tech is now ubiquitous, everyday technology. 

Today in New Zealand, emails are not just for sending simple messages, they’re now for building business empires. 

The email marketing newsletter gained momentum around 2001 as an effective digital marketing tool. If you think about it, any business or startup should have website and a social media presence, but only a few keenly invest their time and energy into building an impressive email marketing newsletter 

An email newsletter can help you stay ahead in a constantly evolving marketplace. It can also improve public perception and branding strategy.

Don’t worry about email marketing in NZyou’ve not missed the boat on this one, the email newsletter campaign ship is still afloat and unlike the Titanic, safe from running aground.

Fact is it’s never too late to start a newsletter for your business. Reach out to us! 

We can help you create your first NZ email newsletter. 

Call – New Zealand Web Design and SEO experts at 0800 33 1768  

Email marketing newsletters can help you become proactive about your marketing choices no matter the situation

Case in point, the 2020 pandemic. With companies closing physical premises and downsizing, having an email newsletter gives you an opportunity to keep in touch with customers and build your digital strategy.  

And no, you don’t have to push hard to sell things with an email newsletter. You can simply offer useful information that’s related to your products or redirect customers to interesting parts of your company website.  

Email Marketing is a tool that can help you maximize your reach- from targeting specific segment of subscribers to releasing product information to paying customers that meet a certain criteria. 

What is an Email Marketing Newsletter?

Just to define things– an email newsletter is a type of email that is sent out on a regular frequency (that newsletter you sent 6 months ago, simply doesn’t cut it) (daily, weekly, or monthly). A favorite of B2B and B2C marketers, these digital experts send out email newsletters that are either content-centric, intent on network building  or product-focused as part of their digital marketing strategy. 

If you check your inbox right now, you’ll see a ton of newsletters, some you signed up for and some you haven’t. Those that land on your inbox, and not on your spam folder, do get your attention and maybe a few add-to-cart clicks from your endTo the company that sent them, they cost Cents and cut through much of the other marketing noise, reaching you when you are most receptive – focused. They’re very effective and popular marketing tool for a lot of good reasons.  

Looking to get started? we’ll walk you through the whole process of building your first NZ email marketing newsletter from building your mailing list and scheduling your email blasts. 

We make every sent newsletter count. Email us today! 

But first, here are the big benefits of having your very own email marketing newsletter:

  • Build strong customer relationships. 
  • An email marketing newsletter lends you credibility and authority. Be the expert in your field by providing useful and groundbreaking information through every email newsletter.  
  • The world’s email marketing newsletters now result in the highest return on investment. As reflected from the DMA’s consumer email tracker 2019 reportthe ROI made from email marketing now stands at just over $56 (£42) for every dollar and 30 cents spent. (USD / GBP) 
  • For best results and higher customer retention be more specific with your email blasts. You can send newsletters to subscribers based on their particular location, age group, spending range, or those with an active interest in a specific product. 
  • You are already working on a user base that has a keen interest in your brand. After all, these users did sign up willingly to receive your newsletter.  
  • When you create your email marketing newsletter, you can always personaliseTry a non-spammy approach. If there’s an opportunity to personalise your email newsletter by addressing the user by their namecustomising the email heading by topic of interest – do it! This level of personalisation is always welcome by users.   

But planning a newsletter is far harder than it seems- you’re only as good as your last email blast. But the secret with email newsletters is to always create fresh, exciting, and new content at the right ‘sending’ frequency

And you can do that with us, at 1768Degreess, we will work closely with you to build an engaging email newsletter. Fill in our contact form to know more. 

When subscribers love your email newsletter, they can't wait to see the next one on their inbox.

Have that first conversation about your email newsletter with 

Communicate all your goals and ideas in mind, we’ll help you figure out what your key points and updates your NZ email marketing newsletter should feature – we’re here to listen and make it work.   

Whilst we don’t charge for client review meetings, or client meetings for that matter they aren’t unlimited. We need to be in the office working at some point and our loved ones wouldn’t be happy if we played catch up each evening.

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