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3 Ways to Maximize your Content Marketing Strategy and SEO

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Good content is one of the cornerstones of a solid SEO strategy. But in truth, content marketing and SEO complement each other completely.

Search engines are constantly updating their algorithms. For any SEO campaign to be successful, you should set your sights on the right keywords and integrate it as naturally as possible within your pages. Good content can draw in more traffic and boost your conversion rates. But make sure you have a long-term SEO plan in mind, you can’t go about updating your pages blindly, keyword after keyword, without digging further into your site analytics.
Put a plan into action with BOTH Search Engine Optimisation and Content in mind. A helpful hint is to start off with the following:
Invest in more Marketing and Creative Content Activities
Make your content the driving force of your website. As more algorithm changes take hold, you need to invest more in content building activities, curation, and content moderation. To save time, you can utilise a template structure for your articles and landing pages, this can keep your content creation efficient and yield the best results in readership.
Equip your Site with On-Page SEO
Having just a single primary keyword per page is a good starting point. When it comes to optimising your content, you can continue to increase your focused and relevant keywords. In the end, you can count on your website being properly indexed in the search results for the products and services you offer.
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Optimize your On-Page techniques with these tips:

Maximize your site’s page titles and headlines
Many readers judge an article by its headline. Often enough you’ll see people commenting on articles on Facebook without actually clicking on the link. Why is this so? Have we as a society reached peak info saturation? True that the internet is flooded with so much of the good and bad stuff, that clicking on a headline now takes a lot more effort for users. So to push for higher click through rates, choose a headline with the highest impact. Clickbaity or catchy? That’s up to you, but make sure to keep the words under 60 characters.
Utilise header tags
Never underestimate how helpful header tags are. H1 tags can present your main topic- that simple. They can give readers a snapshot of your article in chunks. Plus header tags can with SEO keywords improve your Time on Page metrics.
Leverage Meta tags to your site’s benefit
Meta tags may not be directly visible on your web page, but it’s doing wonders for your site underneath all that code. Meta tags tell search engine bots what your site is all about. So it’s very important to include your tags, keywords and the appropriate Meta descriptions which are around 50–160 characters in length (this is for 2019).
Use Social Media more
To extend your reach beyond organic searches, make use of the many real time social media platforms out there, and tap into the relevant social media channels in your niche. Build trends and aim to go viral. Remember not to sell sell sell. Rather, Engage Engage Engage.
Search engine optimisation can set your site website up for success. With the right and consistent optimisation techniques and the right content marketing, your site can rank far better than others. All you need is time, and the patience to wait for these results. If this all feels like too much, an additional hat to wear on top of being the owner, the specialist in your given field the manager, the accountant and councillor for your staff then you can leave your content marketing and SEO to us.
We are 1768degrees.com and we are specialists in search, website creation and content - just like the article you have finished reading. Contact us today to find out how we can assist. No obligation, no hard sell.

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