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5 Visual Content Strategies to Boost your SEO

While writing articles for your website can take up a lot of effort. It’s not the only way you can build engaging content. Besides the written word, you can also rely on other creative forms. Still, you have to develop a long-term SEO plan for your overall content.

Harness the Power of Visual Content Marketing

When an audience becomes passionate about a brand they often create memes or fan art about it. This type of brand fandom can surprisingly fuel social media and website traffic. In fact, some brands are quick to pick up on this community spirit that they engage followers with their own set of endearing visual content displays.

If buzz is building across the web over your brand and its content, give them something more to talk about. Keep that traffic coming!

The more you interact with your audience, the more likely they are to spread positive word about your products and services. So keep a listening ear on social media, and then respond accordingly through other types of fresh and engaging visual content methods.

Other forms of Visual Content Marketing:

Web Comics

Comics can help diversify your audience. Comics are often fun, simplistic and relatable. You can gain more loyal followers and utilise comic style drawings to offer a richer brand storytelling experience.


Comics can help diversify your audience. Comics are often fun, simplistic and relatable. You can gain more loyal followers and utilise comic style drawings to offer a richer brand storytelling experience.


Users just to love to share infographics just to prove a point. On Facebook, on any given day, you’ll come across pie charts, the hipster Venn diagrams and percentages. All these are very versatile ways that infographics are used to interpret otherwise boring actuarial data. The most successful ones are easily picked up by news and authority sites. And the big reward for its creators is getting a high-authority backlink in the process. Now, what website doesn’t want that?

Visual Note Taking

Doodles have come a long way from the age of paper, now in the screen age, people are sketching their notes using them as learning materials that anyone in the community can benefit from. You can do the same, you can share your visual sketches that showcase extensive info about your niche.

Photos and Videos

Can’t write? Not a problem, you can also spend time making videos and photo collages. Such visual material can help your website build momentum. Of course, we would all love to invest in using the best high-quality video production equipment and cameras. But if you can’t, just get your mobile phone, talk into the camera then upload what you’ve got. Sometimes what you have to say and how interesting it is, matters more than the picture quality.

Take, for example, the many Vloggers out there who have expertly found their niche. Some are reactors and simply react to other peoples’ videos. Some are Mukbang streamers and simply eat their hearts away while on cam. All the traffic they get from their video also funnels into their website and personal brand.

Media and web companies today invest a lot of money into creating web personas and striking visual content campaigns. A robust creative economy now exists due to a lot of this user-generated and audience-responsive content.

Through visual content marketing, these web creators can build their streams of revenue. So the great thing about it is — it’s never too late to join the fray! Achieve your kind of visual content marketing success. Always aim to build creative content that’s shareable and memorable.

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