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7 Great Tips for SEO

Having a search engine optimised website is the key to becoming successful in the online world. However, beginners might wonder where to begin. Here are some tips on how to start learning about SEO.

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Know your goals

Setting goals is the key to Search Optimisation Strategy. Having goals, especially mind-boggling ones, will encourage you to strive and reach your milestones. You need to determine what you want to accomplish and what goals you will need in order to reach it. 

There are a lot of topics that you need to learn and overcome as you start on your SEO journey.

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Set plans into motion

Your goals can be even more powerful if you have plans on how to reach them. The best planning strategy that you can do is implementation intentions. Just like your usual if/then formula, it will help you reach your goals on the best time and conditions. That way, you get to have a stable and attainable plan that can be easily followed. This is especially helpful for those that want to learn SEO but also need to take care of their family, existing business or day jobs.

3 great seo tip

Learn at your own speed

Nowadays, a lot of us love to binge-watch series over streaming services like Netflix. With that, we also tend to rush learning. While we would surely want to garner as much information as fast as possible, it is best if you just learn at a slower pace. As they say “slowly but surely.” It is much better to learn about SEO slowly so that you can surely embrace the learnings and take it into action real soon.

As they say “slowly but surely.”

4 great seo tip

Apply what you’ve learned

As soon as you learn something about SEO, it is best if you try to apply what you have learned. As what they say “practice makes perfect.” Practicing what you are learning will help you polish your skills as an online marketer and make use of SEO in your future online endeavors.

5 great seo tip

Don’t hesitate to ask for help

Sometimes, just relying on your resources to learn SEO isn’t enough. Here at 1768degrees.com we also run skillslabs.io which is part of our training arm. Reach out to us, we are happy to help. And if we can we will. We want to see businesses succeed online. Don’t be shy!

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6 great seo tip

There are other search engines, do tap them

Sure Google is the king of ‘internet search’ right now. So was Yahoo in its heyday! And do people still bother with Yahoo? Not so much, but no one back in the day, every predicted Yahoo as a search engine would fall into obscurity.

So don’t discount what other emerging and surviving search engines can do for your website now. Bing and DuckDuckGo remain popular among those looking for alternatives rather than using Google. 

Also location specific search engines such as Baidu in China and Naver in South Korea can bring in a new audience. Of course, you can target the attention of these search engines if your business has something to do with these regions.

Better yet, you can optimise your content according to the standards of these search engines as well so that you can establish good ranking in all the right places. However, its worth noting that what results in a good ranking on Google, will follow through to these other search engines.

7 great seo tip

Visual Search is Big in 2020

When you use Google Lens on your phone and start scanning stuff around you. The incredible thing here is that through a simple picture on your phone, you get to identify anything. If it’s a product the visual search tells you where to buy it. If it’s an animal, you get information on its species and where it lives. And that’s pretty nifty! 

The technology behind visual search is getting better and the demand for it is strong. This is enough to sway the tides of SEO in your favor, so make the most of it this early.

Learning SEO is time consuming and requires commitment.

 But you can even be better at SEO  through following these tips. 

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