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Advantages of Hiring a Whangarei Digital Marketing Agency

Advantages of Hiring a Whangarei Digital Marketing Agency - Advantages of Hiring a Whangarei Digital Marketing Agency -

In a world where we spend almost 24 hours per day online or ‘connected online’, offline or traditional marketing has become insufficient to cut through the distractions. Two-thirds of adults use social media and the statistics show the numbers are still increasing. This drives the need for small and medium businesses to adapt, just to keep up with their audience. Marketing is all about connecting to your target market at the right time and the right place, which means you have to be where they spend most of their time – the internet. This is where 1768degrees.com comes in. We can help ensure you are front and centre when your customers are online searching for services you offer!

You’d be forgiven for considering all Whangarei digital marketing agencies offer social media branding, social media marketing, and other services that will amp up your brand or business game online. Do you think you need to hire a digital marketing agency? Will it really help you boost your sales and grow your client exposure? The answer is, yes. Growing your brand exposure is a long drawn out game, and may not immediately result in sales but needs to be considered like the foundations of a house – it needs to be done to ensure what you build around it is stable.

Specialised web agencies in Whangarei like 1768 Degrees provide you and your business with multiple digital solutions along with the usual and traditional creative design and branding. It is hard to stay relevant in today’s business world without any social media presence. When you want to buy something, what is the first thing you do? You look it up, read reviews and find shops where you can buy this must have item. We are a web design and marketing agency dedicated to addressing that issue and to cultivating all content for you if sought.

No matter how big or small your business in Whangarei may be, 1768 Degrees will concentrate on making your brand more accessible. Need help on supporting your social media activities, digital promotions, creating posts, getting shares or likes – then give us a call!? Did you know we have a training arm called SkillsLabs to help your digital skills but leaves you in the driving seat.

With so many digital marketing agencies and web design agencies in Whangarei and across New Zealand, how do you choose which web agency to hire? Choosing the best Whangarei digital marketing agency is no small task.

Advantages of Hiring a Whangarei Digital Marketing Agency - search engine on a computer medium -A quick Google search only begins to scrape the surface of the number of web design agencies out there, so how will you know which one is for you? We recommend putting several to the test and asking them to propose what your company’s marketing requirements are. You want a web design agency / digital marketing agency that has the expertise to review and analyse where you are currently and put forward recommendations as to what you require to grow your business.

Next consider how do these agencies run their own business? Can they generate marketing results for themselves? They must be able to show that they are capable of the services that they offer. If you are looking for Search Engine Optimisation, choosing a web design agency that cannot provide evidence of their accomplishments for clients or themselves is probably an indication that this is not an area of particular proficiency.

Many businesses want to save budget as seeing costs go out the door is a daunting experience – It’s okay to ask about price and you should be able to understand what the services will cost you.

Some web design agencies would argue you can easily filter out low-quality agencies through price. If you find an agency that charges low prices, then chances are they deliver low-quality results, too. But is that accurate? We would suggest if its too good to be true it probably is, but if their price is fair and they can demonstrate examples of clients they have worked for then talk to those clients to get their experience.

Likewise some agencies (typically those that charge more) would state agencies that charge higher prices tend to treat their clients with more generosity because they can afford to do so. Equally we would say, some of those agencies are resting on their laurels, are providing poor service and their costs are unjustifiable.

Finding the right Whangarei digital marketing agency does not have to be difficult or stressful, but you must do your homework. Assess your company’s needs and find an agency that fits your style. Look for a creative agency that offers the best value.

Here at 1768 Degrees we would love to be considered and are happy to share our expertise with you whilst learning about your business.


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