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Web Design in Dargaville it’s typically a costly affair. Either web design agencies want to charge you an arm and a leg, or limit your business with page restrictions that don’t fit your business. Headline rates of website design for $750 come with so many hooks, they would be best used to catch a feed.

If you could get online with a fully functioning website typically 7 plus pages, plus blog functionality, the ability to self-edit and manage the website going forward, customized for your your brand and colour scheme how much would you expect to pay?


That is how much a website through digicowebsites.com costs here in NZ. We know that not every business can afford to invest in a bespoke website costing several thousand (as a starting point).

So we at 1768 DEGREES decided to do things differently. Set up by the team behind 1768degrees.com we saw small businesses as a result of the global pandemic in 2020 struggling.

As they say cash is king, many businesses we’re stuck between following this old adage and investing into new digital platforms in the wake of uncertainty. We believe there should be a third way where small businesses could keep hold of there much necessary cash and embrace the digital future to protect the ongoing viability and value of their business.

So calling all Dargaville businesses, do you want to be able to get online grow your business and achieve the best possible results within your local area? are you looking for a web design partner who doesn’t charge you for every little thing?

the team here at 1768 DEGREES can help. We’re based locally – just in Whangarei in fact. So pop in and see us for a coffee in chat.

we will ensure your business ranks online and continues to achieve the best possible outcomes

We at 1768degrees.com believe that information is key but so is convenience; and that’s what voice search is all about. 

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Want to have a professional and bespoke website? Hoping that your current website can help you get ahead of your competitors? Want to have more engaging content on your website?

Send us an inquiry! We’re more than glad to help you out with our expertise in Web Design, Content Writing, and SEO services in Whangarei, Auckland, and the whole of NZ.

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