Best Tips on How to Expand Your Small Business Online

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It is difficult to get your small business off the ground, but it is even more challenging to ensure it flourishes and expands over time. Success doesn’t happen overnight. That’s why there professional yet affordable web design firms like 1768Degrees to help. Success requires a lot of factors namely strategy, planning, and creativity and a good website fits with this. The following are some tips you may want to consider to grow your business. 

Get to know your customers.

When you create a business plan, you identify your target market. Now that you have an active customer base, it’s best to know what they need and most importantly engage with them. It’s crucial to garner honest customer feedback in various ways such as user reviews, quarterly surveys, and direct communication with your customers. Be observant of the common complaints you gather and make the necessary adjustments internally.  

Invest in efficient systems.

Even if you are badass in your business game, it is not possible to succeed on your own. You may only be just limiting your potential to grow. A business has to be powered by systems to be able to deal with the multiple layers of expansion. You may start by investing in reliable CRM and e-commerce software to focus more on the areas of business that contribute to its growth and expansion. Look into the current operations of your business and make sure that you can automate the operations as much as possible.  

Enhance your business site’s homepage.

It’s one thing to improve your SEO and make signing up or placing an order as easy as possible. However, it’s essential that you make your homepage the best that it can be. Come to think of it if a whopping 96 percent of your site visitors are ready to buy and they end up on your site. If the site is hard to navigate or cluttered and if its copy does not provide value to them, then they will find it easy to jump to your competitor. Simple changes such as a new call to action or a new set of keywords to optimise the site can result in a boost in revenue. 

Take advantage of social media.

Social media can be overwhelming, but you need not be experienced to take advantage of this social platform. It may be as simple as creating a social media profile and working on building a community with customers. You can set a schedule for posting any relevant content such as articles, images, videos, etc. on the site. This will set the expectations of your customers. Most importantly, you have to actively engage with the customers, read and respond to their comments, in general building your company’s brand. Through the social media platform, it’s easy for you to learn the insights, feedback, and trends from the customers. The platform is also an inexpensive means to test your promotional campaigns, measure the impact of a campaign or the interest of a new customer base, or run a complete digital marketing campaign. 

Create a plan on how to grow or expand the business.

You can find multiple ways to expand a business, such as getting a mobile friendly web design for the site or working on getting online reviews from customers. The key to this is to come up with a plan on what to do and execute it. This is a common mistake of half of the world’s businesses. They have no clear-cut strategy on what to do to grow their business. Any small online business must not be complacent and must not cease testing for the customers’ needs and to prove whether your hypotheses are valid.  

Always focus on creating a network.

It is part of any business to make the appropriate partnerships and being more immersed in your community. It requires time to create a network and build relationships that will be instrumental to building your brand and business in general. From a solid network, you can find new staff, partners, clients, and investors. Through the network, you can easily share the industry’s emerging trends, new valuable insights, and best practices that you can’t find anywhere else. 

Set up additional income streams.

If you are not getting enough revenues from your core business model, it could be necessary for you to develop additional income streams. This may mean a new product or service offering. It may also be a new pricing model or a new subscription or package deal or even a passive income from ads and sponsors. Any new income stream can be considered as a form of business expansion. Just like when you create a new business plan, you have to point out the startup and operational costs, expansion goals, and the timeframe for breaking even. 

Partner with experts.

You may seek advice from a company like 1768 Degrees Websites. 1768 Degrees is an affordable web design agency that offers a complete solution for startups.  

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