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Google My Business: The Best Way to Get Found Locally


Google My Business: The Best Way to Get Found Locally

There are many reasons why business owners should sign up for a Google My Business profile. That’s GMB for short. 

Google My Business is FREE, yes free! Google my Business (GMB) is an online application that lets companies and businesses with a physical office or a retail store, become more visible online. There’s no discounting its hyper-local appeal. If you want to be found by people in your neighborhood, GMB is the way to go. In fact, many local entrepreneurs have found great success with Google My Business. People will know when your stores are open, and where it is located on Google Maps, and what kind of payment methods you accept.

With 1768degrees.com when we take on your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), we undertake managing and if necessary establishing your businesses ‘Google My Business’ presence within our price. So when you need to get on Google through Google my Business, contact 1768degrees.com.

Being on Google My Business and having a  listing is a cornerstone of any major Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) strategy. When you claim your business name and verify the existence of your local business on Google My Business you can expect your business to show up in Google’s other proprietary applications such as Google Local Pack, Local Finder, and Google Maps. It definitely helps boost your search engine ranking which adds to your digital visibility on Google.

There’s a high level of urgency when people Google for something “near me”. This means they’re probably ready to drive right where you’re at and are in fact, in dire need of your services or products. You are actually targeting customers who are ready to make a purchase. No hard sell there, they just need to know where you are.


Put your Business on the Map

When you search for products or services, Google will first show the location, reviews, and details of the business before displaying any websites. They do this by automatically picking your address when you search the web.

To look for your business, just enter your business name in Google search box. The result should show a map with the location of your business and other information such as the services or products being offered, and customer reviews.

If it’s your first time to create a map listing you need to login to “Google My Business” using your Google account. Then Google will send you a postcard to your address with a code in it. Enter this code to your Google My Business account to confirm that you are the business owner.

If you’re going to edit the map listing for the first time, you need to undergo a verification process. A Google robot will call you from the number you provide to give you the code. Then you’re going to enter this code to log in to your Google My Business account.

Google My Business: The Best Way to Get Found Locally - gb -

Streamline your Google My Business Profile

Having a Google my business listing is like having a mini-website or a Facebook business page; it too needs upkeep, it needs to be optimized to get the best out of being on Google My Business.

Here are the few things you need to check once you have the account.


Go mobile on the Google My Business App

If you don’t want to type the web address of Google My Business every time you log in, just download the app and use it anytime, anywhere.

Monitor your GMB

Your Google My Business listing is public and open for editing, so it pays to stay active, and see what’s being said about your business. 

Give your Google My Business listing the attention it needs. Not only do you have the opportunity to answer customer questions but good answers can add to your credibility and reputation. It can earn a thumbs up or even get bumped up to the top of the list.

All people viewing your business in Google maps can ask questions and make recommendations about your business. They can also post a review and add photos of their visit to your store. So always be updated regularly to check if these details do exactly reflect your business.

Update your GMB Profile Regularly

Grab the opportunity to make your business known with the latest features of Google My Business. You can now post on your listing to entice your potential customers. These posts can include photos or even links to add traffic to your website. This is also a good way to share special offers and promos about your store.

Need to get your Google My Business account started?

We can manage it for you. We can make the most out of your Google My Business listing and make sure it is drawing the right crowd. Getting found on Google shouldn’t be any more complicated.  Let’s get you on the map, email hello@1768degrees.com.


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