How Business Can Survive and Flourish During This Pandemic? Take a Look at How We Do Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

While we can’t predict when the world economy will recover, we do know the best approach to take, is to GROW YOUR BUSINESS throughout these uncertain times.  

Obviously, businesses that have gone digital are adapting to the crisis better compared to their brick and mortar counterparts BUT not all companies with online presence flourish.  


Being online is nothing if nobody finds you on their chosen search engine. The power of search is not only amazing but has proven time and again that it can consistently drive more traffic to your website, increase engagement, and generate more sales. 

Our search engine optimisation strategies deliver relevant traffic that leads to increasing conversions for long-term results. Think of it this way: 

Travellers begin trip planning with a search engine. They search to for accommodation, cheap flights, activities, and most of all –for price comparisons. If your business is not on the first page of the search results, how will you be able to at least land in their initial list and not be relegated to competing on price? 

It shouldn’t be a question of “how to be there”, but a question of when. Now is the time to get on the search and to begin getting more customers! 

While You Shop for SEO Experts

In your journey to find an SEO expert, you’ll come across a lot of practically sound advice but without doubt you’ll come across many myths too. Our advice — be careful, there are SEO tricks that will wipe out your business instead of boosting it. The web is a dynamic platform and search engine optimisation is evolving. While the search engines continue to tweak their algorithms to give users the most relevant search results, some SEO professionals tend to game the search engines through unethical tactics. and trial and error. We simply don’t do that. 

Every single SEO technique we do, in every change we implement we are guided with one question –Would that actually benefit the end-user (target market) in any way? Besides, the reason we want to be visible on search is to be found by real people and not by search bots or any machines. 

Nobody knows exactly how search engines work, unless you are Larry Page (Co Founder of Google) – not even the so-called experts in the field. Some do educated guesswork, and sadly some of them poorly understand the search engines’ statements. 

We don’t claim expertise in understanding the algorithms, but our clients’ CONVERSION rates speak about our SEO. We work together with our clients in achieving phenomenal long-term results that make their brand more than just survive, but continue to grow and flourish regardless of the market they are in. 

Importantly, good results don’t come easily or quickly – if they did it would be done by everyone. But if done the right way, your website will remain on its top search position, despite the continuing algorithm updates. 

When conversions begin to pour, client says “Like the pandemic, we didn’t see it coming,” Read our client testimonials and case studies for data that back up our statements and to see how our clients rave about our accomplishments. 


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