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How the Corona Virus Impacts Search Marketing

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With the onslaught of the dreaded Coronavirus spreading rapidly in countries everywhere, the idea of spending time in public is now at an all time low. Countries are encouraging social gatherings to be cancelled (Italy has gone as far as to ban schools, events, theatres and like). Social greetings like hugs and kisses are now frowned upon. The royal family are even ‘shaking hands’ using elbows. There are more empty spaces now, and fewer crowds in busy landmarks. Moreover, people are generally wary of each other, and would prefer talking with friends and coworkers via video chat. Large multinationals are banning meetings with multiple attendees.

In terms of business, there’s definitely a shift in human traffic as more people choose not to travel. Most flights, trains, hotel and AirBnb bookings are cancelled; tourism is basically at a standstill.

Monitor your Personal Health

Initially, a COVID-19 infection is usually mistaken for a common cold or a bout of flu. But once a person reaches the pneumonia stage that’s when things turn for the worse. You can be dead in a matter of days. And there’s very little health professionals can do once you are infected. 

During these times, it is prudent to consider your personal health and safety.

Big Industries Feeling the Blow

On the economic side, the most affected are large-scale event industry happenings such as conventions, symposiums, trade fairs, sport competitions, concerts, film screenings and music festivals. These events usually have a hundred to a thousand guests flying in from all parts of the world. 

For some, their respective events dictate their business and industry trends for the year, and getting there to mingle with other people is a crucial lifeline for most businesses. 

People in droves often come to seek out the latest products by suppliers, new season offerings, and various network opportunities.

The first major 2020 event to fall and call early cancellations was the World Mobile Congress (WMC) the world’s biggest mobile technology in Barcelona, Spain- costing the city major losses of roughly around $557 billion in revenue. Then the International Tourism Fair (ITB) in Berlin and the London Book Fair followed suit, and so did the Geneva Motor Show. 

And for 2020, this all takes a back seat; no one wants to risk catching the deadly Corona virus, for which at this time there is no known cure or vaccine.

The Digital Impact of COVID-19

So when event industries are not even putting up their tent poles, you can expect all the digital marketing buzz and SEO campaigns are out the window. No event means no business, and definitely, no income. That hugely impacts search marketing on an economic level.

Companies will start cutting costs and focus their core spending on health contingencies of their employees. More people will start to work remotely which isn’t a stretch for digital marketers, most are used to working online at odd hours monitoring reach and engagement metrics. But when companies cut down on spending, there’ll be less work to go around.

But it’s not all that dire for search marketing, as people start to bunk for days at a time at home. Online shopping is bound to get a boost. No one wants to go out to shop and be in any mass transit or be stuck in crowds. By having items delivered to your doorstep, you only have to deal with one person, the delivery personnel and even they are very conscious about keeping themselves sanitised. In this kind of scenario, search marketing can make a good profit pushing sales for ecommerce sites with home and living products. Much of the ‘search buying intent’ of most users will also be focused on health care items.

So does the Corona virus impact your search engine optimisation (SEO) efforts? 

Yes, it does. 

Companies and governments alike are weathering all sorts of losses. As long as the viral outbreak influences consumer behavior, such as limiting the public’s activities which includes their earning and spending potential, we will see new waves of online trends emerge. New definitions of work, shop and play will rise up digitally. And as search marketers, you have to be ready for that, and monitor the keywords people stuck inside their homes are typing in the searches.

The Long Wait

Think of it like this, you can either wait for the virus to die out, keep your head up in this crisis, or not give in to any mass panic. The Corona virus, like any virus before it, will come to pass, but for how long that still remains to be seen. For search marketing specialists, it’s better to brace yourselves for the long haul. Everyone is part of this crisis, and how we behave in this global health concern matters. 

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