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How to Improve Google Search Ranking

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When SEO first started, things were a lot simpler back in the day, Google's ranking factors only boiled down to two: keyword density and a site's number of backlinks.

Keyword density refers to the number of times your target industry keywords appeared on your site while backlinks were simply the number of links that pointed back to your site. But that all changed as Google got ripped off by Blackhat SEO tactics, its algorithm got smarter and soon the world’s leading Search Engine presented complicated ways to possibly ranmade ranking an art and a complicated one at that.
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Blackhats are not witches by the way; they are the first ones who tried to outsmart the system, and for a time, notorious Blackhats were quite successful in luring traffic to their sites by means of keyword stuffing, link buying, and content spinning. Perhaps like us you are old enough to remember the days when white text was used on a white background to list keywords? Some of these SEO practices though unpopular haven’t fully died out, but have taken on other forms of online deception. The penalty when caught can be severe with the repercussions lasting for a long time.

Today ranking on the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) is a whole new industry, and there’s a lot of SEO tools and more optimisation specialists for everything. First there are a whole lot of Pay Per Click (PPC) specialists, then here comes the Facebook (FB) Ads gurus, social media managers, email blasters, Technical SEO techs, and link builders. Not all digital marketing agencies have the skill sets or access to experts and talent within these fields, but often they can claim to the contrary. We at 1768degrees.com offer Pay Per Click setup and keyword analysis for free to our SEO customers, but we are by no means Pay Per Click experts. SEO on the other hand is an area we like to believe we thrive, from Technical SEO through to on-page SEO.

Within your company you might be tracking website metrics like your results are the stock market and you’ve got creatives doing ethically responsible videos to rank on search engine result pages. But keep in mind, SEO is a long process, the results don’t show until much later (that’s around 4 to 8 months) so don’t expect miracles overnight. However, it will happen and once your site is indexed by Google, you can expect traffic to trickle in and even surprising brand mentions to come out of social media.

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SEO matters as you seek to boost your own business website performance, so that it ranks better on Google, and in turn then you have to keep everything up to date. Reading articles like this on how to rank higher on search engines can be a tedious process because there is no fixed agreed way – The question to ask is whether the time you are investing to rank higher could be used more effectively doing your core business and leaving this task to an agency such as 1768degrees.com

No matter where you are in the world, business owners and marketing teams have made funding their Search Engine Optimisation war chest a priority- they want an excellent ad spend budget on paid ads, great copy and on top of that, pricey SEO tools for tracking.

If you do a search right now using your target keywords, notice who’s on top? Because that’s your goal- to be the first search result on the first page, to topple the current king of the searches under your niche. And it takes good SEO techniques to get there!

Why Care about Search Algorithms

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is fast-changing, and Google is famous for continually evolving its algorithm, one on top of the other, sometimes two may run parallel, addressing queries or just out there to penalise the online foolhardy. Google never sleeps. When it comes to SEO, Google has one eye open to check what people are doing to their websites. Or what they’re not doing. Some argue this is done solely to drive customers to their Google Ad Services, whilst others would argue it’s about maintaining relevance for their customers. One thing is for certain, you can’t sit it out, with SEO, there is no time to dawdle, and you can’t wait for your content to go stale.

To be effective in your SEO campaigns means you understand what Google’s current algorithm is looking for. Each algorithm change typically builds on the last and they are usually named after animals:-Penguin, Panda, Hummingbird and Pigeon. If a web design agency like ours starts talking about Penguins and Pandas, don’t panic we aren’t thinking about our weekend trip to the zoo.

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So what are these four Google algorithms known for? Here are some insights:

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Panda goes through the content of your website and looks out for thin, spammy, and repetitive content. So make sure you have original and well-thought-out content.
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Penguin is all about rooting out shady backlinks. It flags down paid links, manipulative link networks, irrelevant to the topic links, and overly linked keywords.
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Pigeon algorithm centres on boosting local search results and local businesses, as the search results are primarily based on geolocation info.
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Hummingbird is a sophisticated algorithm that can be tricky to deal with as it searches for answers rather than keywords. Hummingbird was created to tap into the potential of the user query. It’s no longer about specific individual keywords, but trying to understand the context of the search intent.

Understanding SEO Optimisation

There are several SEO techniques to rank higher on Google and double your web page traffic. Let us help you get started:

Stay Relevant with On-Page Optimisation

On-page SEO is the optimisation of website content through the use of targeted keywords and phrases. The main reason behind Google’s many algorithm changes is to keep information relevant on a global scale.

Before you start, put yourself in your customers’ shoes and ask what would they search for – Do searches for appropriate keywords and phrases and then the next task is to integrate these keywords throughout your content. But such a move remains a balancing act of sorts, you have to create enough association between your site and your target keywords, but avoid overdoing it that the site reads like a formulaic and spammy content farm. Also, consider LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing), so all those algorithms are finally paying off for Google’s AI as it now understands Search Intent, and can look into a query in depth and find meaning in it rather than just resorting to exact keyword matching for your results. So when you search for useful keywords and phrases, also include their synonyms and related language expression, and build your second tier of secondary search keywords.

For example, with our SEO On-Page strategy, instead of just going for websites Whangarei, we felt we had to go the extra mile and build another tier of important keywords such as Affordable websites Whangarei and Digital marketing agency Auckland. It’s a maximalist approach in using the best targeted keywords that highlights your core business. Yes we aren’t in Auckland but we serve the Auckland market, and for a digital marketing agency in Whangarei would you neglect New Zealand’s largest market which also happens to neighbour your city?

Remember your On-Page execution should always be organically done. Keywords should flow on the webpage as smooth as warm butter rolling off hot crumpets. Use your keywords or phrase in the most natural way (in the right context, of course), mention them once every 100-200 words in an article-length of around 800 to 1,500 words; this is the idea for on-page keyword density at 1-2%. But always keep your reader in mind, if the keyword use comes off clunky, don’t force it.

Find Value in Off-Page Optimisation

Off-page SEO refers to all the things you can do outside of your website to get more traffic. A significant way of doing this is through tapping high-authority sites (BBC, NZ Herald, local dailies such as for us Whangarei Leader) or hands-down trusted sites (.gov and .edu). A backlink from one of these is worth more than a hundred links from low-ranking sites.

You need to look for the very best sites in your industry niche, even if it’s your competitors site don’t ignore them, as they are doing something right and maintaining search rankings. Don’t consider best sites to necessarily be the prettiest or flashiest. The best sites are ultimately the sites converting the most customers, ranking higher and driving ROI to the owner. Once you identify the best sites in your industry, ensure you match or better the quality of content they produce and yes, consider asking how you can get a link from their site – probably not the best idea to ask your competitors however. Perhaps you can get their attention initially by engaging them through social media. Word of warning, emoji Gifs may not be the way to go.

Choose your Target Keywords

Differentiate between informational and commercial keywords, and this will help get your keywords ranking high up on Google. Most people who are looking for informational keywords or phrases (for example, sentences that start with why do, how to and where to) on Google simply want to know things, but those who search for commercial keywords or phrases (these usually start with words like ‘best’ or ‘cheapest’) are merely trying to find the best deal. Try to use more commercial keywords to rank higher and to get more traffic from people who want to buy or avail something. Looking for an example? Informational keywords could be ‘How do you rank your site on Google?’ ‘Why does Google not rank our website?’ whilst commercial keywords would be ‘best web design agency in Whangarei’.

Be Mobile-Friendly

Nowadays, people seek convenience and so the use smart devices is even increasing comparative to desktops, so make sure that your site will load seamlessly on any mobile or tablet screen. It’s a requirement from Google now.

Stay Ahead with Google Analytics

Google Analytics will help you understand your customers and track your site traffic. Using Google Analytics, look for keywords or phrases for which you do not rank highly. This can be found in the Queries section of Search Engine Optimisation. Consider this: to get more top rankings, there is no need to continually update your site for keywords or phrases for which you already rank highly for, that being said, continual content within the phrases you do rank highly for will protect you from any revisions in algorithms or tactics by your competitors. What you can do however is make sure you rank highly on as many other relative keywords and phrases as possible. You know the industry you work in and tracking this will in our experience yield rewarding results. Check out Google Analytics for Beginners to understand the Google Analytics interface, and how to implement tracking code, and create necessary reports. Best of all, it’s free!
By following most of these above SEO strategies, you will over time consistently gain more traffic, the more people see your website, the more Google will notice your web page, and of course, this will lead to you staying on top of Google’s results page for your target audience. But there’s another way to land in the top Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) and to successfully outrank your competition. If you’re aiming to rank organically in Google – our web design digital agency 1768degrees.com can help you make that leap. If you would like to find out more about our SEO services Whangarei, then get in touch and we’ll get back to you right away. Work with a trusted digital marketing agency Whangarei to corner your NZ industry niche, our goal is to help businesses make the most out of their website.
We at 1768degrees.com would love to be considered for your SEO requirements and are happy to discuss how and why our organisation should be considered by your company. To find our more contact us at adam@1768degrees.com


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