Key Google Tools to Use for Keyword Research

Key Google Tools to Use for Keyword Research - Keywords and Environment -

There will always be changes in SEO, particularly during this time where the pandemic is raging on. Consumer behavior as well as purchasing power are changing due to the pandemic. That is why it is pertinent to conduct keyword research these days to determine the intentions of consumers in your niche.

The majority of SEO specialists already know where to find the best insights on the Google search engine. They know by heart the keyword tools to use for gathering data on rankings, search traffic, and visibility. But we are not in ordinary times, and thinking outside of the box is necessary.

The following are some tools and places on Google that specialists can check daily to deal with the current search climate:

‘Think with Google’ launched Rising Retail Categories in May 2020. This interactive tool is useful for understanding locations where they all grow fast, queries that are often associated with every location, and retail categories on Google Search that are fast rising. Here you can find the top trending categories for New Zealand on a per year, month, or weekly basis. If your business happens to be selling any of the top searched products, it’s your time to shine!

Google launched Shopping Insights in October 2015. It gives you insights on how you fare vis-a-vis with your competitors. It also allows you to track the competing products under your categories.

Shopping Insights allows entrepreneurs to be up to date on what shoppers desire and also follow trends in their given categories. Think with Google said that 63 percent of shopping scenes revealed that shoppers conduct online research before deciding on a purchase. It does not matter if they buy online or in a brick and mortar store. Information gleaned from Shopping Insights helps you to come up with informed decisions on marketing and merchandising using offline or online channels.

Google Trends was launched in May 2005. It used to be that SEO professionals don’t use this since this does not provide information on organic search volumes. However, since these are not normal times, it is crucial for SEO professionals to find insights within a few minutes after an event takes place for them to create strategic decisions.

We believe that being trendy is not only about fashion; it is more importantly about SEO and online marketing.

Google Consumer Surveys was launched in March 2012 but got renamed as Google Surveys in October 2016. It is a market research tool that gleans data from survey questions you write. These survey questions are answered by users for them to access high-quality content on Google Display Network. Google Surveys help entrepreneurs to understand search intent. The best part about Google Surveys is that results can be collected within days instead of weeks when using traditional survey methods. With Google Surveys, you can be sure that the content found on the landing page addresses the consumer intent behind every query. The tool also allows you to generate more organic search traffic.

Google Alerts can help you to become more creative. It can also help you to deal with competition. You can set up an alert for your top three competitors for Google to alert you every time a competitor is mentioned by any online outlet. This is useful as well for long term SEO efforts. By knowing your competitors’ initiatives, you can plan your marketing and advertising campaigns to outperform the promotional efforts of your competitors.

When in business, you have to be on your toes all the time. Competition is like a thief in the night. It catches you in your sleep.

For a local business that intends to intensify its online drive, it’s always necessary to set a strategy that is built around search engine optimisation. All these can be started with the help of Google My Business. Through a business listing, you have an avenue to provide more information about the business including the contact details, office address, website, and business hours. This may not be a tool for all business owners, but it is a tool that local companies can make full use of.

Google Voice can help you leverage the amount of traffic that your business produces. As an entrepreneur, it is important for you to devise ways for this traffic to be converted to sales. Your availability to address customer queries and answer their calls can go a long way to maximising your SEO efforts. This is where Google Voice enters the picture. If you have multiple business phone lines, Google Voice can bring all these phone lines together. Google Voice has free long-distance service, simplified voicemail service, and competitive rates on international calls. But before you rush off to sign up, Google Voice is currently not available in New Zealand.

Through Google Correlate you will find search trends that correspond to real-world search trends. It gives you search words that often go together. This will aid you in coming up with a keyword planner. Google Correlate may also serve as your best friend when you want to uncover the most productive long-tail keywords for any subject you want to create content on. Before you start writing on your blog, check this tool to find a unique article for content that hasn’t been used in the past.

This Google tool is greatly important due to the established fact that 60 percent of searches hails from mobile devices. Google wants to ensure that your site is mobile-friendly; the company does not want you to take this lightly. Google in fact wants to make it easier for site and business owners by providing the Google Mobile-Friendly Test tool. It only takes seconds and a few clicks to find out if your site is mobile-friendly. A mobile-friendly site can boost the rankings to the first page and generate the most organic traffic.

The Google PageSpeed Insights is a must-have tool if you want your site to be on top of the search engine rankings. Through this tool, you can ensure if your site is competitive in terms of speed. It also makes sure that the site loads fast on all devices. When you run your site on the tool, check the mobile and desktop tabs to make sure that your site is up to speed on all types of devices.

Whether you are doing local SEO or promoting a national brand, these Google tools are of great value. We at are knowledgeable of Google tools, and we update ourselves on the latest trends in SEO and SMM.

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