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Linkbuilding New Zealand: Why Are Backlinks Important for Whangarei Websites?

Linkbuilding New Zealand: Why Are Backlinks Important for Whangarei Websites? - lb3 -

Linkbuilding New Zealand: Why Are Backlinks Important for Whangarei Websites?​

Backlinks are a way to quantify the importance of your website in the grand scheme of the web. Consider the hundreds of thousands of websites out there, how do search engines know which sites are worth indexing?

Backlinks help expand your web browsing universe, so you’re not stuck in one area of the web. Backlinks help users explore the internet and discover content that is similar to their interests. In a way, it is helping you stay curious about the online world and what it has to offer.

How do these virtual connections help websites improve their ranking?

Google was built on the premise of backlinks. This was the college thesis of Larry Page at Stanford which is how most of Google’s early algorithms evolved. Even today, backlinks are one of Google’s core ranking factors.

Backlinks from authority pages are considered prime quality backlinks. They help improve your credibility. It’s like receiving validation from an X-Factor judge with them going, “That’s a YES for me!”

And if it’s a positive signal from a highly-ranked website, you can expect your website to move into the finals or even to the coveted top spot which is Google page one.


So again, here’s why backlinks are important for your website:

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Backlinks Help Search Engines Find New Websites

Backlinks allow Google spiders to easily find new pages and index your website. 

Think of it this way, your website is like a small obscure town that has shown up in the middle of a dessert. You exist, but no one knows you’re there. Unless some nice folks who stumbled on your town decide to build a trade route and get the word out that you’re worth visiting! And yes, tourists would like to visit and check out your merch. Why? Because another town has vouched for your existence as the next destination of choice.

Without any backlinks, it takes time for anyone to find you. So when you build your website, think of other similar sites and how you can connect and be part of that community.

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Backlinks Help Google to Determine a Website’s Reputation

 In SEO, backlinks equate to the word trust. The more you have backlinks from other sites, the more reputable your site becomes. If you are a website owner you’re less likely to lead your visitors to misleading sites for fear they will not visit your website anymore.

If you have more backlinks Google will see it as a trusted website and is worthy of ranking high. Let’s face it that when it comes to SEO, popularity also means trustworthy.

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Relevant Backlinks are the Norm. Never make Exceptions.

If your website is about pest control, stick to sites that offer similar services. You can also accommodate websites in a relatively similar nature, but not exactly the same as yours. For example, your pest control website can have a backlink from an insect farm. They do not offer the same kind of services, however, both websites deal with bugs.

What’s iffy are backlinks that have nothing to do with your industry niche. A common mistake would be having a pest control website get a backlink from a popular bagel bakery. You might say a backlink is still a backlink. But this is no quality backlink and would prove detrimental to your SEO efforts. Google won’t even consider you a credible source. So stay on course, aim for backlinks that are relevant to your topic and are from high-quality websites.

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Backlinks Boost Traffic to Your Site

Google wants to show its users only the best and trusted sources to their clients. More backlinks mean more possible visitors which in return gives more traffic. Increasing the overall traffic makes Google trust your site as it appears to offer value.

Turn on that Link Building Juice

So how can we help you with your link building campaigns? First, we can determine who’s linking to your website out there and that’s equivocally, every link pointing at your website. 

With the right SEO campaign, we can help you build backlinks through shareable content that’s targeted for high-quality sites in your niche. Our aim at 1768Degrees.com is to boost and improve your rankings through relevant links. If you need professional help with your link building strategy, get in touch with us with your website needs! Email adam@1768Degrees.com


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