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Measuring Return On Marketing Spend

Measuring Return On Marketing Spend

Are your numbers improving? Can you even tell?

Make sense of your metrics. We can simplify it for you. We can help you cut through the bulk of your site’s data and highlight the essentials.

We’ll walk you through your data and tracking metrics, and let you know what your site traffic is bringing in, from where, and from when- and by who? Like who’s browsing your site at 1 am? Using what device– mobile or desktop? And what led them there in the first place? Perhaps a serendipitous backlink with the keywords “Best Service Ever!”, “How to Lose Weight without Trying” or “A Definite Must-have!” 

Understanding your site’s data can help you resonate more with your audience, by knowing which keywords work and which content is drawing in the crowds. See firsthand, what knowing the metrics truly means for the future of your SEO campaigns and your digital marketing spend.


Widely adapted in digital campaigns, landing pages bring in conversion-strong traffic, they are the quickest path to a point of sale. Cost-effective and well-targeted, they minimize your PPC spending, yet maximize your customer reach.

When your customers click on a paid ad, they are routed directly into your landing page where users can conveniently find your offer, products or services.  With landing pages, there’s often a sense of urgency with the product or service being featured, so it makes a perfect sales platform for promotions, seasonal items, rebates, tie-ins, subscriptions, free trials, and customer incentives.

We’ll get your landing pages up and running to fit the scope of your digital campaigns.

Plus great design that appeals to your customer needs with a clear take on what you intend to offer.



Are you mindful of your metrics? By knowing your relevant key performance indicators (KPIs) you can track your data and forge a better path with your digital campaigns.

Robust reporting and tracking tools can give you a wealth of insights into the kind of traffic you attract and the frequency of customer visits.

Understanding the context of your data is crucial and you can achieve success by using these data analytics to your advantage, you can assess what’s working and what areas need improvement, what to push and what to do less of, and align these insights with your strategic goals and targets. Measure your progress every step of the way – better reporting means smarter business decisions.

Still uncertain? Talk to us!



The best part about developing performance plans whether it’s for SEO strategies or Web Development is checking in on how things are progressing with our clients’ engagement and digital marketing goals. We like to keep things moving forward.

We want to see which of all the workable solutions are thriving and making a difference in your campaigns. And by so doing, this also opens up the opportunity to discuss specific issues and identify areas where you need our utmost support.

We like to communicate regularly or whenever possible – we are keen on sharing and cultivating good ideas. A coffee meeting would be totally awesome as well.

So let's get talking! Let's get things done.


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