How Click-Through Rate and SERP Layout Can Make or Break Your NZ Business Site

How Click-Through Rate and SERP Layout Can Make or Break Your NZ Business Site - click through rate and serp 01 -

Click-through rate or CTR is the ratio of the total number of clicks to the frequency the people were exposed to the link or a Call to Action (CTA). The number of times people are exposed to a link or CTA is also known as the number of impressions. An example of CTA is “Learn More” or “Buy Now” buttons or texts found at the bottom of an email marketing campaign. 

CTR can be used in measuring the performance of Pay-Per-Click (PPC) search results, for example Google AdWords, CTAs found on a landing page or hyperlinks found in emailers and blogs. CTR is important since it helps you get to know your customers more. It also informs you of what works or doesn’t work with your targeted audience.  

A low CTR could mean that you are not targeting the right audience, or it could be that you are not speaking their language in a persuasive manner that will compel them to click. 

We at know the importance of CTR for your site and any of the campaigns for your business. That’s why we’re sharing this article.   

How Click-Through Rate and SERP Layout Can Make or Break Your NZ Business Site - click through rate and serp 02 -

According to a new study done by Sistrix, the first organic result on the search engine search results gets a click-through rate of 28.5 percent. Around 80 million keywords were analyzed, and billions of search results were assessed to understand how users engage with the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs.) 

The CTR goes down after the first organic result. The second position gets 15 percent while the third position has 11 percent. The tenth position, on the other hand, receives 2.5 percent CTR. As expected, most users don’t reach the second page of the search results. 

The study brought with it a lot of other information which includes what factors can help the top ranking site’s CTR swing between 13.7 percent and 46.9 percent. 

This is vital information for SEO specialists for them to make the most of CTR. You must remember that site traffic is more crucial than search results ranking. This can be gleaned from the Sistrix study. It can be observed from the study that the result on the top position gets CTR which is 10 times higher than the result in the tenth position. 

The following are some of the factors that affect the CTR of each result on the first page of the search results: 

How Click-Through Rate and SERP Layout Can Make or Break Your NZ Business Site - seo2 -

The SERP layout has the greatest impact on the CTR of the Google search results. A sitelinks extension in SERP is observed to enhance CTR. An organic result with a sitelinks extension will attain a CTR of 46.9 percent. This is particularly because Google shows sitelinks when a particular site is searched.  

Based on the study, webpages won’t benefit from its featured snippets in search results. It revealed that featured snippets receive 5.3 percent for CTR. The study also disclosed that SERPs receive only a few clicks since searchers can find their answers in the knowledge panel, particularly on smartphones. 

Click-through rates also go down dramatically for all positions when the top result of the SERP has a lot of Google Ads. The Google Ads layout, however, has a lesser impact on the SERP compared to the Knowledge Panel. 

Google Ads lessens the CTR by 10 points while Knowledge Panel reduces it by 12 points.

Based on the general results of the study, keyword search volume is not the sole factor to consider when you evaluate potential clicks. It is pertinent to also include the SERP layout when you evaluate. It is only through a combination of search volume information and SERP layout that you will be able to arrive at a realistic number of possible visitors.

What does all this mean ?

Simply put, being top of Google organically Is still the Golden Egg. There is nowhere else to be. When you however loose top spot on Google and drop from P1 to P2, expect the number of leads to significantly evaporate.  

If you need help getting to the top spot of Google, give us a try. We are leaders in our industry. 

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