Online Re-Targeting Strategies for your Digital Marketing Campaigns

Re-targeting, while some refer to it as re-marketing.

When users bounce off your site, which happens for one reason or another, you can target these users for your benefit. What you can do is to re-target this bounced traffic by presenting web advertising after they leave your website.

Search Re-targeting

Those searching for keywords in niche and industries related to your business are an excellent crowd to target, and its best to study their search intent further before presenting them with ads.

Site Re-targeting

This is focused on user behavior what they have been doing in your site, what they bought or viewed, followed what they clicked after. These actions within your site make up for a great re-targeting strategy.

SEO/SEM Re-targeting

These are users coming in from SEM ads. This tactic goes for users based on the search keywords they use before they got to your site.

Email Re-targeting

Targeting users based on their email engagement and activity. Often these users have already shown interest in your products and services in the past. They are perfect for email marketing campaigns and are receptive to receiving news about your products.

Contextual Re-targeting

Contextual targeting makes room for a hyper-personal approach to your online advertising. You can choose specific topics and assign them with relevant content on your website. Your targeted ads will similarly appear on related blogs and websites that this kind of user would visit. It is mainly appealing to their sensibilities.

Engagement Re-targeting

This strategy is to capture potential customers who have shown some attention with your distributed content mainly through liking, commenting, or sharing on social media. This gives you a window of opportunity to show this audience subset a particular ad on Facebook or Instagram that will interest them.

All of the above strategies can reap you great benefits to your digital campaigns. But you have to figure out which ones will work with you and for your product. This will be entirely up to digital campaign goals, time, and budget.

On average, it is around 2% of site traffic that converts on a first visit. Re-targeting is a method created to help medium-to-large enterprises reach out to 98% of users who don’t are initially hesitant to convert. Re-targeting eases them back into your website, to poke around and eventually become regular customers.

Here’s a list of retargeting/remarketing services worth looking into:

Google Ads | Twitter | Facebook Ads | Perfect Audience | AdRoll | Criteo | ReTargeter

The first thing you need to do to check out their re-targeting services is to sign up and create an account, and through their reporting tools, you can see how your ads show up on individual sites. With these providers, you can make your efforts go for a broad reach down to a specific set of parameters or at a certain product level.

Retargeting marketing is usually used by digital online marketing teams to give prospective users a little nudge in the right direction. Through retargeting, you can focus your ads spend where it matters and where you can boost sales.

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