SEO Tactics That Every Site Master Must Know

SEO Tactics That Every Site Master Must Know - seo tactics -

SEO tactics have to be white hat which means that they focus on human users and that the site is optimised for people, not for machines. White hat techniques are considered as best practices by all SEO practitioners.

They are known to be popular. At times though, there are those that are touted as risky SEO tactics. You might wonder what constitutes risky SEO tactics. These tactics are categorised into two. The first one consists of SEO tactics that endanger user experience and the second one consists of those that are called grey hat techniques.

SEO Tactics That Every Site Master Must Know - grayhat seo -

Let’s focus more on the grey hat techniques. Perhaps you have heard about black hat techniques that are frowned upon by search engines and can result in your site being banned. Grey hat tactics are somewhere in the middle of white and black hat techniques.

According to WordStream, “Grey Hat SEO is an SEO practice that’s riskier than White Hat SEO, but one that may or may not result in your site being banned from search engines and their affiliate sites.”

Grey hat SEO can bring you trouble, but maybe it won’t as well. The following are some grey hat techniques that any site master must know:

Add 1,000 word-copy on the homepage and articles.

The risk for adding a 1,000-word copy on your home page is that it might make it appear cluttered. Design trends always favour images than heavy text. However, it may also work since search engines love long-form content. They treat websites with a lot of content as an authority site.

Adding a 1,000-word copy to your articles is less complicated. The pages are likely to get a boost in ranking days after the text is added. The number 1 SERP results give out 2,000-word text or more. To have text within that range can help your site to move up the SERP fast.

Go for negative SEO.

This may sound sinister, but it works. This means that instead of raising your site ranking, you focus more on lowering the competitor’s. Not all negative SEO tactics are downright wrong. Some are more strategic than spammy.

A safe and ethical negative SEO tactic is to report the competitors for any black hat strategy they do. Take a closer look at the competitor’s pages and check for any fraudulent SEO techniques which include rich snippets violations, Google product abuse, paid links, etc. Put them all on Google’s official spam report form.

Use social bookmarking sites.

Google penalises those sites that use too much social bookmarking. These sites are often considered as spam. The use of social bookmarking sites is also one way to build links which is frowned upon by Google.

On the other hand, it can work because it sends tons of juicy links to the site. According to the Search Engine Journal, social bookmarking can bring in a lot of traffic. In several cases, these sites can be the number 1 source of traffic. Create an account on each of the social bookmarking sites you can find. One of these is

You see being social is really important, and we’re happy that it comes naturally with us.

Make use of link directories.

This is risky since directories are intended for search engines and not for humans. Google does not like content that is not designed for humans. It might work, however, since when you make this part of your SEO tactics, it’s possible for you to get a backlink from a site with high page rank. Cautiously choose a couple of reliable link directories and submit your links.

Try article spinning.

This is risky since it is close to violating Google’s rules on duplicate content. All you have to do is take one article and spin it manually or through a tool like the Best Spinner. This will result in various versions of the article which can be used to submit in different sites to acquire more backlinks.

In SEO, smart-alecks are likely to survive. They are the ones who know what risk is worth taking and what is not. The trick is to be strategic and to keep in mind that these are just means to an end. What matters more is to achieve your goal of improved ranking and traffic

We at are goody-two-shoes and play nicely for SEO. We know how to be a daredevil and when not too, so don’t worry about your SEO tactics when we are onboard.

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