8 Best SEO Tips for Enterprise Business Keyword Research

8 Best SEO Tips for Enterprise Business Keyword Research - seo. -

Enterprise sites need more than traditional SEO techniques. An enterprise means a larger scale business in terms of annual revenue, organisational size, and the site’s number of pages. Some SEO requirements are unique to enterprises which include the capacity to scale, faster solutions to a website’s problems, and the ability to come up with decisions that can affect a large amount of content. All these are integral, to a solid foundation for SEO. If you are aiming to scale your current enterprise website, these strategies can help you get the ball rolling.

Try to segment the site for keyword research to be easier.

A viable way to go is to produce a keyword research template that you can work on helping you to outline the major points of your enterprise such as the products of the business, the location of the business, and the problems that the enterprise solves for customers. After this, it is easier to work through the research on a per-topic basis. Take down notes on anything that overlaps and where internal links may be added.

Do market research with the company’s customers.

As an enterprise you have access to a massive network. This can be used to one’s advantage through getting the insights of these customers as often as possible. To make this possible make sure that you use a CRM that records all conversations between customers and the customer service representatives. This is a great way to determine the needs of your customers which can form a basis for keywords and content topics.

keyword rankings.

8 Best SEO Tips for Enterprise Business Keyword Research - seo keywords. -

As an enterprise site, it is likely that you have thousands of authoritative backlinks. Using the keywords at the top of page 2 can create initial ripples which can be valuable for the marketing team and senior executives. When you work to push these keywords onto the first page, this will work wonders on the performance of the internal web pages.

web pages with keywords yet underperforming content.

An enterprise website is usually sizeable with hundreds if not thousands of products.. It’s a practical move to look for the webpages whose content is underperforming or thin (on content) which can be developed and expanded.

Don’t ignore smaller, local business competition.

Some enterprises may have an inflated sense of superiority, thinking that they will always be ahead of small businesses in terms of local SEO. it might surprise you that your most nimble competition in the market is the smaller company. Check on the smaller companies that compete with you in the local market and analyse their keywords similar for how you benchmark yourself against your larger competitors. Check their inbound links, Google My Business data and site audit statistics.

Benchmark your competitors.

Being an enterprise means you have to be on your toes when it comes to your competitors. By partnering with us here at 1768degrees.com we utilise tools that will help you gain insights on what works well for them and some opportunities for you to bridge some gaps in the digital market. Two methods can be done to do this; filtering out branded keywords and filtering keywords by way of search volume. Remember as well that search volume is a directional indicator of whether there is potential for the keyword.

Search for branded keywords and protect brand reputation.

Enterprise businesses are naturally concerned about the impression their customers have. That’s why you must search for keywords about the company’s product or service that has your brand name and see what type of content is out there. Read through the negative comments and analyze their complaints and how these must be addressed. You may find opportunities to produce new keywords and content based on how the business will solve the concerns most often brought up by customers.

Be mindful of the “Featured Snippets” or “People Also Ask” information.

Once you type the search word in Google, look at the number of featured snippets on the first-page search results. Read through the People Also Ask area and look for any possible topics.

We at 1768degrees.com believe that information is key but so is convenience; and that’s what voice search is all about. 

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