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SEO Website Services Whangarei: Why SEO is Important in Achieving Online Success?

The big difference nowadays is that most businesses often have a website up even before setting up their physical storefront. Such a move is an excellent source of marketing traction and brand buzz for the real world retail shop.  Succeeding online takes passion and strategy; whether you’ve been running your business for quite some time now or just simply starting out, a digital presence can give boost your business opportunities for growth.

With more than a billion websites online, global profits are projected to reach $3.5 trillion in the next 5 years, that’s an active marketplace with no signs of slowing down.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) can help you be more competitive in order to tap this worldwide marketplace. By making the most of SEO or SEM approaches, you can be more effective in selling online, but the real goal here is to be visible on the first page of Google where info-hungry customers are searching for the most accessible of products and services.

Increased traffic, authority and visibility

Making your visitors explore your website for the right reasons

Increased traffic, authority and visibility

Making your visitors explore your website for the right reasons

A bit of stats: Google has the majority of the global search engine market share by 77.43%, followed by the Chinese search engine Baidu at 8.13% and of course, Bing at 7.31%

What is Search?

93% of  digital interactions start with search. 

Google takes in over 57,000 search queries every second, that’s roughly 2 trillion searches annually worldwide. 

Before anyone clicks to buy something, most people choose to ‘Google it’ first. They just don’t hastily purchase a product; users go out of their way to know more about what you’re offering.

Search Query Types

Anyone wanting to search something on Google Search may do any of the three basic search queries. You may choose to do a

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Transactional Queries

This is a search intent to do a process, such as monetary transaction.

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Informational Queries

Queries meant to gain valuable insight and information. Sometimes we get curious and just want to ask questions, and to know such information can be quite satisfying. For example, what are the best places to visit in Whangarei? Where to find vegetarian meals in Northland?

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Navigation Queries

If you want to find a specific URL, you do a navigational query. Let’s some people are too lazy to figure out or type in URLs. Search engine automatically hooks you up with the right links.

A brick and mortar store can benefit well from navigational queries, particularly if you have a store name that’s too commonplace, hard-to-spell or have competing same-name businesses. It increases the chances of people finding you when they Google your business name.

You can bet that people looking for products or services click on results returned on the first Search Engine Results Page (SERPs).

How do the first 3 pages of Google perform?

Statistics show that 91.5% of search traffic is concentrated on page one. Page two gets a 4.8% nod of traffic, and page three a mere 1.1%. You can figure out Page 4 hardly even gets c lick. This is why it is so important for any website to rank on page one of Google’s SERP. Page 2 and Page 3 search pages can get you some visibility, the pages after that don’t even get you a consolation prize, there’s nothing to win by getting on page 4 or 5.

If you need SEO services in Whangarei that can gain you traction up the SERPs, 1768Degrees.com can help deliver consistent and compelling SEO strategies that make all the difference.

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