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SEO Whangarei: Optimising your Site for Search

Any website can be optimised for search, even if you think your business is unique in the market – no doubt when you google online you find that another company also appears. Ensure your website is visible and being found by clients.

There are many ways to get a website crawled, starting from its Technical SEO, and down to the kind of content you have to engage and enthrall your customers and readers. Of course, it is not just any kind of content, rather it is a strategic kind of copywriting that’s based from the initial Competitive Analysis and Keyword Research that’s done by any SEO expert you have onboard. If you need such an expert then contact hello@1768degrees.com

Truth is, there’s not a website online that can’t be optimised, as long as you have the right content and you consistently keep it updated you are on to a winner.  If you have that going on for your website, then congratulations you’re still in the running. But getting to the top of searches is just half the battle, and to optimise your content, you need a robust SEO approach. 

But why is SEO such a buzz word?

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SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is a good digital strategy that brings your website long-term advantages in terms of site visibility and brand awareness. It positions your site where you want it found – on the top search engines like Google.

SEO is Great for Specialised Services and Specific Industries

Small and specialised services often fall off the grid because conglomerate or business giants tend to dominate the industry. SEO can bring your services to the forefront using industry specific keywords. There are people out there who do need your services, but they just don’t know where to find you and this is why we are all known to turn to Google.

A few examples of business that can be optimised for search: Some people may look for beauty products that are hypoallergenic, all-natural and locally sourced. Of course, big brands and retail stores will be on their A-game, and you’d easily find their banner ads everywhere including their PPC ads on Google.

Surprisingly, you can do the same for your own homegrown brand, invest in a targeted SEM and PPC-intensive campaign and go head-to-head with the nationally known brands. Though you wouldn’t be spending as much as they do, over time you can grow your visibility and dominate your category against their own line of beauty products.

What is paramount is that you have to be proactive with your SEO and creative with your campaigns to build that level of brand awareness. 

You can do this by giving your internal digital marketing a proper ad spend budget or hiring a creative digital agency to build an effective SEO campaign for you.

But once you have a clear understanding of how SEO can affect your brand, you will realise its tremendous potential for business growth.

And when people start searching for organic local products, seeing your brand in the searches alongside the big brands mean you’re a brand to look out for!

Through SEO, you can let customers know you exist.

Change the way you do business with SEO. 

Get a SEO specialist on board. With 1768Degrees.com, we’ll help you rank in the right industry categories on all the major search engines. We’ll help you drive more traffic to your website. Contact us via email for any questions.


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