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SEO Whangarei: Tapping into the SEO Potential of Voice Search

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SEO Whangarei: Tapping into the SEO Potential of Voice Search

Voice Search is now becoming one of the biggest breakthroughs in modern devices like smartphones, computers and even on television. It’s the easiest way to find the things you are looking for on the internet. In fact, people are more eager to ask connected devices their everyday questions. After all, the device promptly says ‘Thank you!’ after telling you the most relevant answer from the searches. For online entrepreneurs, voice search becomes a driving force to modify their marketing strategies. As this will certainly change the way consumers search for products and services, digital marketers must find new ways to optimise websites.

This might be a big leap in search engine optimisation but it can also pave the way to new marketing strategies that will improve search results and how these results are being presented. Instead of running away from this trend, let’s embrace and learn to adapt to this change.

Devices used for Voice Search

A lot of devices can be used to issue voice commands. From your smartphone to your television, voice search makes everything convenient to use.

What are Home Assistant & Virtual Assistants

These are the devices that assist you in your day-to-day needs. With just the use of your voice, you can immediately search for the daily weather, listing your appointments and even control your appliances at home like lights, doors, and thermostats. You can search all of the information you need without the need to type your queries. Google Home, Alexa, Microsoft Cortana, and Apple Siri are now the leading virtual assistants in the voice search industry.

Most smartphones today have voice command capability which is usually preferred by most users. It’s convenient to use especially when you are trying to look for things on the internet during one of your busy days. No doubt this trend will continuously grow as it gives more time for busy people to do the work with less effort in less time. Dictation of text messages is becoming ever more prevalent and as these virtual assistants become more accurate, expect their usages to increase further.

This kind of technology also makes people more human as they are talking naturally to search for their queries instead of tapping the letters. It feels like talking to a friend or another person. All you have to do is pull your phone and say a few words. You will no longer need to look down at your phone to see the results. 

Since voice search is usually used in mobile phones, you have to make sure that your site is mobile friendly. If you want your site to become web design responsive, use WordPress themes that can adapt to this change. You can test the level of compliance of your website by using Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test Tool.

Television today is not only limited to just surfing the channels. It can also surf the web just like your smartphone.

With voice search starting to invade even the television industry, it will no longer be a hassle for you to search for your favorite characters or or product placements used in the movie you are watching.

Imagine you want the shirt of your favorite actress. Just say a few words and you will be redirected to different websites you can choose from. Instead of tapping, you can just say the color, size, and date of delivery. This process all takes with a simple voice command and the next thing you know is it’s already set for delivery.

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Making Voice Search Work for your SEO Strategy

Voice search gained popularity through devices built for IoT (The Internet of Things) and is being adopted because it is more convenient to use than typing letters. Plus, the voice commands can save you more time while you are doing other tasks.

The big change is when we talk, we ask natural questions. No longer will we be searching “Web Design Whangarei”, instead we will be asking Google to “Provide us details of the best web designers in Whangarei”. These search terms are called long tail keywords and you can expect these to become more apparent over the coming months and years.

Here are the proofs that voice search will continue to grow and stay:

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Say Okay to Google! Get ahead in the SEO rankings

Need a solid SEO strategy to tap into the potential of voice search? There are many ways you boost your SEO, and we at 1768Degrees.com can ensure you get the most out of your digital campaign efforts.  Talk to us! Get every page optimised. Email adam@1768Degrees.com


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