SEO Whangarei: Why You Should Optimise Images for Search Engines

SEO Whangarei: Why You Should Optimise Images for Search Engines

The human eye gravitates towards a visual image. Our brains can process images far quicker than words. It’s how we are wired, and how our brain perceives the world. It’s within our nature to direct our attention instantaneously towards an image, and without any consideration draw from the image certain conclusions. Whilst looking at a screen, whether on mobile or on your laptop, we are quickly lured into checking out photos first before we proceed to digest any text or content. 

For this behavioral reason, that it is important to optimise all available site images for search. After all, SEO content is not just about text, but also imagery, and with all the energy, we are putting into our websites, this next step in site optimization guarantees our SEO efforts to be cohesive.

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