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What are template websites?

A website template is a predesigned tool that can be used to show the comprehensive layout and display features that are commonly found in websites.

A website template typically includes the following: background banners, layout features, laid out titles, images, and laid out typography. Businesses can benefit a lot from website templates, being able to swap their content to have an elaborate website style without writing any code or significant cost.

Potential Risks of Using Website Templates

No matter how convenient the use of site templates is, they still have their own limitations and risks. The following are some reasons why it is risky to use site templates: 

These templates are not flexible.

Certainly, it is possible for you to add images and text to your website, but that is not near to the full customisation available if contracting a bespoke design. If you are after a unique layout or site features, a template website is not for you. A site created using a premade template will never be truly unique.

Some designs can have issues ‘under the hood’.

Some templates may appear magnificent on the surface, but if you look into their code you will find issues. Many templates are not responsive across mobile or tablet devices. This means that a bulk number of users may not be able to access your site since the number of users do their search using mobile devices instead of desktops. Brands may lose their character and with their competition when they use template websites.

SEO Limitations.

Some templates aren’t optimised for search engines. With some website templates, users are not guaranteed that the site template they are building on will have a positive impact on the site’s search rank.

Using a 1768 Degrees Web Design Template

We proudly consider all elements often overlooked in other website templates.

Can Help Save Your Finances

With merely $100 or less, designers can have a good quality template to design your site. They would also have numerous options for templates that are free. These are not only easy to manage, but they will also help the designers save on monthly webmaster fees.

Can Help You Save Time

The road to site creation is challenging and at times frustrating. Most of the time spent is on writing codes. Web design templates are already coded, allowing the designers to save time. All it takes is to find a template that contains most of the features that are needed on the site. This will reduce the time required for customizing the site. 

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More Immediate Results

1768 Degrees Websites is a digital design and development agency that can make entrepreneurs enjoy the advantages of a customized website template without the limitations.  

We at 1768degrees.com believe that information is key but so is convenience; and that’s what voice search is all about. 

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