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Timeless Ways to Increase Conversions

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A huge number of businesses today take their product page for granted.

A product page however, plays an important role in helping customers decide and finalise their purchase. Improving the checkout page or the product cart is all fine and dandy but most of the focus should revolve around the product pages. The reason behind this is that this is where customers get information as to why the product is exemplary, what niche it fills, as well as problems that your product will be able to solve. Below are some steps on how to improve your product pages to help increase conversions.

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Pique Their Interest

Store owners should take the initiative on showing what their product is and why it is valuable to their audience. It just takes a single click of the back button for customers to lose interest. For that matter, many find it a good idea to show the important details of the product on a single page. This means that customers will not need to open an additional window just to view the information of the item that they are potentially interested in. Having brief and concise information really goes a long way in helping keep their interest.
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Address Your Customer’s Concerns.

Customers will have a lot of questions running around their head when looking for a product over the internet. Instead of having them answer the question themselves, it is a good idea to address their concerns in the product page – this is where your Frequently asked questions come in! Other ways you can answer queries include using high-quality photographs to showcase the aesthetics. Concerns about durability and utility can be supplemented by discussing how a product is able to stand up to frequent wear and tear. Doing so will help companies set better expectations about their product which reduces the number of returns.
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Make Your Call to Action Clear

Everything is set and your customers are pretty pumped up about your sales pitch however, they are having a hard time looking for the add to cart button. Highlighting your call to action not only makes it fairly easy for your customers to find their way to checkout but also shows confidence in the product that you are selling.

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Utilise Live Chat

A huge number of customers today have positive experience with live chat across support channels. This allows them to get their questions and enquiries answered making them feel that they get the most out of their time. Live chat is able to provide customers a direct way of getting in touch with staff which allows them to make an informed decision in a timely and effective manner. Although this requires labour to pull off, many, particularly larger businesses find this feature a worthwhile form of investment increasing purchases.

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