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Top Reasons for Your Small Business to Have an Online Presence

Top Reasons for Your Small Business to Have an Online Presence.

An online presence does not mean simply having your contact details online, on your google profile listings, directory listing, or Facebook profile. It is way beyond that. Having an online presence includes setting up a website. You have to keep in mind that people today search online for any product or service they need instead of browsing a phonebook. This is why it is best to consult with an affordable web design company like 1768Degrees to discover the right options for having the most appropriate online version of your business. Here are the best reasons why your business needs an online presence:

Your physical store will only be seen or known by your target audience who are only a few km’s away. On the other hand, the business’s web presence can be noticed by anyone who can come across your site no matter where they may be located in the world. This allows you to open up to a wider market compared to just relying on face-to-face interactions, depending on your particular industry and product offerings.

One fact that most marketers know is that people like to buy, but they don’t like to be sold. A well-written copy for your business’s site with sufficient information about your products and services gives your target audience a relaxed yet informed decision to buy, compared to being pressured by a chatty salesperson. Marketing online is also much easier since internet technology gives you a cost-effective distribution compared to traditional marketing.

When you look at the core of the brand building, it is all about building the trust of your potential customers to buy your product or services. Brand-building also offers the customer a way to check out the company. Through social media marketing, online reviews, interactions with current customers, the quality of your social media or blog posts, you can create a positive impression on your target audience, which may lead to sales in the future.

Of course, there are types of establishments that are open 24/7, but this is not doable for all businesses, except when they create an online e-commerce site. Through the site, potential customers can read more about your products and services and place orders anytime and anywhere they may be. There are no holidays. Even when you have a physical office for your goods or services, your site can still accept inquiries and generate leads while your office is closed. You can respond to them by the time you open again.

You can start your online business with reduced costs. You don’t have to lease an office space, buy a company vehicle, or hire employees to work for you. All you have to do is create a site and start selling. The transition from selling traditionally to online selling can be smooth-sailing with the help of digico. You need not worry about the cost of website creation. Any business can have an e-commerce site even on a shoestring budget. With premade designs, ecommerce and brochure websites are now affordable. Affordable web design is available from NZ company Digico Websites. Digico offers a professional quality site, along with web hosting, domain name registration, and email marketing autoresponder service.

Personnel can be reduced significantly since multiple tasks can be automated online. Even just one task removed can mean substantial savings to the company. You need not hire a customer service representative who will take orders and process payments. All these can be done through an email or right into your database. Instead of hiring a salesperson, you just have to create a high-quality sales video, webinar presentation, and sales letter.

Through internet technology, you will be able to provide answers to queries, set up a sales webinar, and resolve customer concerns without spending a lot of time. You may also produce a company video, product sheet, FAQ section on the site for customers or prospects to find the information they need. Most of the time, customers and prospects will be looking for information before they decide to buy, resolve a problem with a recent purchase, or looking for alternatives before deciding to buy. All these translate to fewer phone calls with technical issues and more sales. You can also spend more time on revenue generation instead of handling the mundane task of responding to customer inquiries.

It is easier for you to measure the success of your business and keep track of your progress when you conduct business online. You just have to use data analytics and a basic website tool often provided by your web hosting company. It’s easy for you to measure the number of clicks, shares, views, responses your campaigns received.

Consumers today don’t trust a business that doesn’t have a website. The tech-savvy customers of today will look into your competitors when they find out that you don’t have a website.  

For your business to have an online presence, affordable web design agency, 1768Degrees.com is here to help. 


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