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Top Social Media Tips for Plumbing Companies to Succeed

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Social media can make or break any business reputation. Social media sites can generate leads and differentiate brands. This idea also applies to plumbing companies. Social media marketing provides multiple benefits to any business, including a plumbing service. The following are some of the top reasons why businesses simply cannot shrug off social media campaigns as part of their wider marketing plans:


No matter how good your plumbing site is if it is not visible in search engines, it contributes nothing to your business. SEO is the only way for your plumbing business to be visible to your targeted audience. Social media participation is one way to improve the SEO performance of your site.


Around the world, there are 5 billion social media users, and these users spend one-third of their online time on social media sites. This is beneficial to plumbers and other local businesses to give them access to a large population of potential clients. Make sure you target specific audiences!


Facebook highlights recommendations to people when they ask for a particular service or product in a specific area. It’s a great way to advertise your business. Social media they say is the new word of mouth marketing.


Social media is a great venue to build the brand of your plumbing company and become an authority in the industry. It’s important to create a persona with a defined set of traits, attitudes, and values that truly represent the company. The style, voice, and character of your content are based on this persona.


Most people post on social media when they have an emergency need. Your plumbing service will miss out on these calls for emergency services which can help people who are truly in need and at the same time demonstrate your expertise in your field.


When people follow your account on social media that means that they are interested in your service or product. They are more likely to interact with your posts, visit your site, watch your videos, and in the end become your customers. Based on studies, about 77 percent of people buy from the businesses they follow on social media.

So for your plumbing company to make the most of social media, it’s smart to consider the following tips:

Don’t use all the platforms or the first one that you come across. Make sure to execute well on one or two platforms before you pivot to the next. Facebook is for the middle-aged with sufficient income. Instagram is great for defining your brand identity as a plumber.

A social media post that offers valuable plumbing DIY tips provides the most value to followers and this will create an image of you as a helpful and generous plumbing expert. As an alternative, you may also share some plumbing-related facts that are shareable or amusing. You can research online for some articles. An example of this would be “Some Fun Facts about the Toilet.”

Start by educating and engaging your customers and potential clients too. Respond timely and cordially to people who message you. You can begin to interact as a way to encourage others to interact. This can help to increase your organic followers and likes. Always consider your brand identity when you post and post regularly. Stay genuine. It’s best to show authenticity in your posts. It’s crucial to be professional, but so is to be true to your personality.

Social media must involve responding to people’s comments on your posts and even on their own posts. Thank those who give you a positive review or comment. For any complaint, acknowledge it and offer to resolve the issue privately. Social media is the best place to resolve customer queries and to provide customer service through social profiles.

When you have already mastered the basics, raise your game. You may try the following methods: contests, live streams, social media advertising, and software programs to automate various tasks. Contests can be used to encourage people to engage with others and at the same time share their valuable content too.

Encourage your customers to review your plumbing service on Facebook. Positive reviews can convince your potential clients to pick your plumbing service. Don’t forget to respond and thank the reviewer once you receive a positive review.

If you currently have an interesting or impressive project, you can post pictures of its progress and also the finished product. It’s a good way to flaunt your skills and expertise, not to mention that visuals are great on social media. Facebook posts containing images receive two times more engagements. Just ask permission from your customers when you post pictures of the job you accomplished for them.

Another smart way to establish yourself as an expert in your field is to post a DIY video on doing simple plumbing fixes. An example of this is how to turn the water off when there is a leak. Videos can increase audience engagement.

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