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Website Redesign Services Lower Hutt and Upper Hutt – Planning an Amazing Website Makeover

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With 15 minutes to scour the net, an estimated 66 percent of people would opt for a beautifully designed website than browse a site with plain text alone. In general, people are visual and are drawn to attractive and efficient sites; this makes it crucial to hire a Website Redesign Agency that knows how to efficiently redesign a website starting from a website redesign planWhen you think your site is deficient in terms of visual appeal and usability, it’s the perfect time to look for a company that can give you a sound website redesign proposal in the soonest time. 

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Website Redesign Scope

When it comes to redesigning a website, it is important to determine the scope of the redesign. Doing so will enable you to figure out what the website redesign deliverables are. A redesign scope can be site-specific or goal-specific. There are agencies that are more site-specific. These are agencies that want to determine the details of the project from the start. The discovery phase includes researching the project and interviewing the client about the project details.

Those agencies who are goal-specific focus on the larger picture and the end-goals instead of the details. This entails a lot of conversations and more time spent on the discovery phase. The agency tends to become more interested in the client’s long-term business and marketing goals, focusing on how the site will fit with these goals more than how it will fit the project itself.

Website Redesign Project Plan

In the site-specific scope, the discussion of the project often includes topics like special site functions, color preferences, the use of stock images, and information architecture. All the elements have to be decided before the scope of work is determined. This often results in a granular proposal that outlines the sitemap including all the features and functionalities. Most of the website redesign details are signed off either on or even before the start of the project. 

With the goal-specific approach, by a total understanding of the business goals, target market, challenges, and a competitive landscape, the project scope and plan can be created. The proposal of this format can be more flexible and general. The agency will only recommend project details after thorough research and discovery. 

Website Redesign Strategy

What is a website redesign strategy? A site redesign strategy lays down one by one everything you intend to acquire for your online presence. It is the strategy that will guide the presentation and site elements that have to be enhanced with the ultimate purpose of creating a successful site that can make customers happy.  

To determine the redesign strategy, it is significant to write down all the detriments to the existing site. These are elements that have adverse effects on site performance and other items that customers frequently complain about. 

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Some of the common issues that a redesign strategy can address are too cluttered home page, insufficient room for additional pages in the menu, and site search does not give accurate results. 

About Lower Hutt, Wellington

Lower Hutt is a city located in the Wellington region of New Zealand’s North Island. This is one of the cities that make up the Wellington Metropolitan Area. It is New Zealand’s sixth most populous city.  

Lower Hutt is New Zealand’s outdoor haven. It is where you can bask in beautiful hiking and cycling trails. It is also historic, being the first organized European settlement. You can enjoy a ride at the Remutaka Cycle Trail, go to Pencarrow Coast, and take a chance to see New Zealand’s first lighthouse.

About Upper Hutt, Wellington

Another city in New Zealand’s North Island is Upper Hutt. It is also one of the four cities in the Wellington Metropolitan Area. Upper Hutt City Council is in charge of administering the city along with its surrounding rural areas, parks, and reserves. Upper Hutt is another destination for outdoor recreation. People may enjoy walking and mountain-biking along the Te Awa Kairangi / Hutt River. There are also several tracks in numerous parks such as the Tunnel Gully, Cannons Point, Remutaka Rail Trail, Karapoti, and Kaitoke.


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