Why Are My Competitors Ranking Higher Than Me on Google?

There are many reasons for your competitors to rank higher than you on Google. What affects your Google ranking the most is the optimisation of your web pages for search engine ranking. Search engine optimisation or SEO is the centre point when it comes to ranking your web pages on search engines. There are many factors that Google and other search engines consider in determining the rank of your webpage.

The following are some of the most common reasons for why a competitor will rank higher than you on Google: higher content quality, better user experience, better page backlink profiles and content that fits what their users and customers are looking for.

To rank on Google, here are your top tips:

Site Optimisation

Make sure that your site is updated and is highly optimised. On-page SEO is a crucial element for Google to index your site and rank it higher on the search engine results. There are SEO elements that must be included in your site to optimise it. These include the right keywords on each page of your site, schema markup, sitemap, the correct use of meta tags, site description, site navigation, and making the site responsive or mobile-ready.

We know that no matter what we do as a web design company, it would be useless without SEO. That’s why we breathe SEO, eat SEO, and practically live SEO.

Online Reviews

Online reviews are one of the most convenient ways to rack up your visibility on search result pages. Google reviews have a huge bearing on building your social trust. It also has a huge impact on your site’s ranking in the Google local search results.


Google’s principle is that the links to a website can indicate whether the site is relevant to a specific search query. The algorithm has been changed multiple times already, but you will find it hard to find an SEO specialist who doesn’t think that links are valuable. Link building is more focused on quality and not quantity. This is why having numerous links without that lucky viral one (high DA score) could always result in your website being flagged as spammy.

Building links is about building connections, and connections set off great SEO practices, rom the merely good ones. Along with backlinks, citations also matter to search engines. Citations are when the name, address, and phone number of the site owner is listed on online directories. It’s crucially important to keep your business listings within the specific niche that your business belongs to. Such listings have to be consistent.

Quality citations also serve as backlinks to the site. This gives Google social proof that the site has authority in its niche.

Did you know here at 1768degrees.com as well as creating backlinks for our clients we also remove links from sites that will penalise your site?

Social Media Presence

The social media presence of a site may affect how the site can be found in search results. There are times when you can find a business’s Facebook Page or a Yelp Page within the organic search results. This is because Google considers active and popular social pages just like top quality websites. If the social page shows value, it will be shown in the search results.

It would be best to optimize the social pages with keywords, supply it with valuable content, and acquire quality reviews, for the business to rank the site and social media accounts.

We are social animals, and we like to make it known even in our outputs.

Be warned, merely having a social presence is not enough and due to the low barrier to entry it is also often frowned upon within many business niches to merely have a social media presence but no direct website reference. Would you trust a lawyer who merely operates from Social Media?

SEO Services in NZ

We at https://1768degrees.com like to compete not only because we are good at it. We have seen first hand the positive impacts good (white Hat) SEO has on our clients. When we are contracted, we become an extension of your team and see winning in the Search rankings as not only important to proving our worth but to ensuring your business has ongoing work. That why we like competition. Put us to the test.


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