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Digital Web Services Whangarei
Digital Web Services Whangarei

Chat Bots No Longer a Thing for Facebook

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has launched a slim-down all-purpose rugged version of Messenger which is more focused on speed and accessibility. Even targeting low storage space phones and mobile phones on sluggish data networks. Trimming down the bulk of Facebook Messenger’s core code by a whopping 84 percent. Just how much code is there left? That’s starting out with 1.7+ million lines of code down to 360,000 – now that’s cutting out the fat and still remaining highly-efficient and functional. Currently, the application’s core code is down to just 16% of its original size.

Digital Web Services Whangarei – More Stories, Less Discovery

The most visible thing you’d notice is the People tab which now defaults to a full-screen mode where you’d see your list of active friends and their FB stories. Now Facebook users can spend more time chatting and browsing content. This gives Facebook a clear opportunity to monetise content through story advertisements. The Discover tab feature is still there just hidden. They want to up their ad revenue and change the interaction landscape among users. This strategic shift could possibly encourage users to increase and develop their connections with people, instead of online shopping, playing, and alike. This is veering very much into the Whatsapp and Snapchat territory. Rather than showing games or businesses, it will only display the chats, active statuses, and people, along with their stories. But if you still need it, you can access the Discover tab feature via the search bar. Digital Web Services Whangarei - Chat Bots No Longer a Thing for Facebook - chat bots no longer a thing for facebook 03 -

What Happened to Chatbots?

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More Friends, Less Ads

Though many users appreciate the simpler and less cluttered approach. Many businesses might find this to their disadvantage. To begin with, the Discover Tab contains the core following: chat bots, businesses and games. They are often a source of spammy content or a new digital marketing campaign – though this is entirely subjective on how the user sees it. The change does present a challenge for digital marketing campaigns; they’ll have to wait how the change plays out and whether what kind of ads and new ad structure is made available by Facebook to invest in while people get busy reading their chats and stories.

Make Facebook Stories Work for your Whangarei Business

Video content is the most effective means to engage your audience. Facebook has just made a huge shift in this direction by highlighting Stories in its new rolled out Messenger version. Not all stories need to be perfectly lit or edited, sometimes it all about the moment and how your viewers respond to it. If you need to plan your video marketing needs for FB Stories, consult with us. Facebook has 2.23 billion monthly active users. That’s a big market! Consider Facebook management and digital marketing services in Whangarei if you feel overwhelmed with your SEO needs. We’ll help you create brand videos that align with your overall SEO strategy. Tap into Facebook’s short-form videos and know how this could give your brand the boost it needs. Email ENQUIRE TODAY

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