Article Spinning – Will It Help with SEO?

Article Spinning - Will It Help with SEO? - Article Spinning Will It Help with SEO -
Article Spinning - Will It Help with SEO? - Article Spinning Will It Help with SEO mobile -

Article spinning is the process of creating new content by rewriting old articles in a way to avoid any duplicate content issues that may result in a penalty from major search engines like Google particularly when used for article marketing.  

Undertaking manual article spinning, may take more time than creating a brand-new article – which is why some companies don’t choose to write new content, or rewrite content by hand, rather they use ‘spinning software’ 

Using Article Spinning software is the worst kind of article spinning tactic, it is bad for SEO. Most of the time the words that result from this automated process, don’t make sense. That’s why it’s no surprise that it is considered black hat SEO. Through article spinning, one article may be turned into five, ten or twenty versions. 

What Is Article Spinning?

Article spinning originates from the idea that fresh new content is king when it comes to digital marketing.

It would make an amazing work rate to produce six posts or articles in less than an hour, assuming that the articles are of high quality. The content produced can be used for a lot of purposes such as article marketing, blogs for reaching out, sponsored posts on social media sites, and others.

You have to keep in mind that fresh new content of high quality is the lifeblood of a successful marketing campaign. There are many factors that Google considers as metrics. These include the age of the site content, its level of uniqueness, keywords used, and the way in which they relate to one another, and even how long humans spend reading the article.

The Alternatives to Article Spinning

Article spinning may be downright bad, but a good alternative is to create reimagined content. This entails rewriting the article from a different perspective or format which is truly a great idea. Think about the most successful content you have and other alternative ways to present it. It may work better as a video, infographics, a long guide or white paper, or a series of short blog posts.

You can always cater to a different audience by using a different point of view from an old article. An example of this would be “Best Practices” to “Common Pitfalls.” But that will not suffice. You have to add new research, ideas, insights, along with a new perspective.

The Facts of Article Spinning

The first article spinning software was ArticleBot by Don Harrold. It started in 2004 and had its heyday in mid to late 2005. It was a basic tool and only required copying and pasting the article. It was not an ethical tool and it was primarily created as a black hat tool. Competing tools surfaced and one of these was Webspinner developed by Landon Ray.

The golden years of spinning started in the middle of 2005 and lasted until the end of 2010. During these years, article spinners had all the numbers. That only means that they were also spamming thousands of sites, whether you liked it or not.

Google started its most notable and most significant algorithm changes on February 23, 2011, which affected 12 percent of all search results. The algorithm changes were directed towards spinning sites. This algorithm update was known as the Panda/Farmer update. The update resulted in the ‘death’ of article spinning.

The Myths of Article Spinning

There are several common myths about article spinning that a lot of online entrepreneurs and specialists may have heard.

First is that Google will penalise your site when you use spun content. The truth is that Google penalizes duplicate content only. If your spin is of high quality, there’s no reason for the site to be penalised.

Spun content is not readable. There are more advanced spinners that make sure your spun content is easy to read.

Another myth is that article spinners are spammers. Modern spinners produce high-quality content that their products are not considered as spam anymore, but relevant high-quality information.

One more myth is that manual article spinning is safer than using the spinning tool. Manual spinning is a huge waste of time while modern article spinners can produce high-quality content in such a short time.

You can easily use spun content on regular sites such as reviews of Amazon products and content of authority sites. The question is – should you?

Will Article Spinning Help with SEO?

Article spinning has been used as a reprieve for SEO specialists in the past. It is intended originally as a black hat SEO strategy. The problem with spun content is that it can be hard to read and articles are less likely to be engaging. Even if modern spinners are said to be powerful enough to add more content, they still sound like they are not written by a human. It’s likely that there would be fewer sites that would like to be linked to a site with spun content.

If you are looking for high-quality original content, the team here at can help. We research, write and craft our content. To learn more contact us or read some of our work.

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