7 Power Tips to Follow When Looking for an SEO Agency in NZ

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Any Business, regardless of industry, who has had experience in contracting SEO services (Search Engine Optimisation) knows that there are right and wrong ways to hire an SEO firm. It is said that the proof is in the pudding, but there are signs (and red flags) that your pudding will not rise. These red flags can be found when you try contacting the SEO company, from reading company reviews, and going through the website content they themselves provide. For you to be able to narrow down the search, the following tips can help you find the most suitable SEO agency in New Zealand for your business:

You need to have definite goals.

Before you will be able to find the right SEO team to work with your business, you have to determine which areas of your online presence you want improved. Perhaps you want to have a new site, or you just need SEO maintenance undertaken(Just remember you cannot polish a turd) 

The first step you must do is to make sure that your site undergoes digital marketing analysis. A reliable agency can give you data to show you which areas of your online presence need focus. This takes time, and as such expect a cost. However companies like 1768degrees.com will reimburse that cost off the ongoing contract if they are then successful. 

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Now that SEO has evolved, there is less of the clutter, and a more targeted and reasonable approach to SEO. Not that some have moved on, some still cling to their old hat, black hat SEO techniques. Going that route will do no favours for your website.

Set your budget before you even look for prospects.

It’s preposterous for you to spend time looking for an SEO agency only to realise later that you cannot afford it. That is why you have to set your budget from the get-go. After that, you can ask about the price ranges as well as SEO bundles and packages and figure out if this fits your budget. When it comes to choosing the right package, go back to your goals, and determine which of the packages will help you achieve your goal. Not sure what to budget, to give an indication, our SEO services start at $500 a month. If you are in a competitive industry, expect to be investing more as your competition will be higher and the world to climb the Google mountain will be tougher. 

Yes, we do need you to know how much you are willing to pay for your project. In fact, if you won’t volunteer to give that information, we’ll go ahead and ask you anyway. 

Look for a company that tracks your company’s data.

For you to be able to find the best SEO solutions for your business, you will require the services of an SEO company that has the ability to track and measure your company’s data, visibility and online presence. For you to be able to find the most accurate business strategies, it’s important for you to decide based on results provided by the SEO agency and not on mere gut instinct. 

Discuss your SEO needs with us.

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Check the SEO company’s services and its specialties.

When you hire an SEO agency, it’s crucial to check on their site and find out if they specialise in any particular industry, location, product, or service. They would likely share what they know with each service and explain more about their case studies. It’s also smart to look at the certifications and awards and successes, they acquired that can back up their expertise. You can also ask them if they offer more than just SEO services. 

Check the SEO company’s services and its specialties.

You also have to check on the specifics of the services the SEO agency delivered to their clients. This can be done when you look into their portfolio and case studies. Doing so will tell you about the company’s particular style and the usual types of results their clients often receive. You will be aware of how their other services such as web design, pay per click, and social media are integrated with their SEO services. (Note we do NOT offer Google Advertising) 

To view the company’s past works, you can first check their portfolio on their website. If they don’t have it on the site, you can ask them politely. This will enable you to look into the real-life examples of what they are offering. Doing this will let you have concrete and visual proof of what to expect from their SEO campaign services.  

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Run a search on the company’s ethics.

This is a significant factor to check on when you’re looking for an SEO agency. You can find valuable info when you check the company’s LinkedIn profile, but you also have to look into the leadership of the team and the individual backgrounds of the team members. It’s possible that you know someone who has worked with the company, so have a chat with them. 

Always seek for ethics and integrity when choosing an SEO digital team.

If the team is not aligned with the company’s vision and does not imbibe the company’s spirit, it’s unlikely for them to be able to provide you with exemplary service. Each SEO company has its own structure and values.  

It is also possible for you to work with an SEO team that is active in the community. It’s easy for you to give back or observe corporate social responsibility. It’s for everyone’s benefit to hire a team leader who observes and encourages work-life balance for everyone. It is important to ensure that the people that make up the SEO team are a good fit for your business. 

We have nothing to hide when it comes to our professional commitments. If you have more questions to ask, fire away. We’re ready. We are proudly giving back, supporting communities and good causes and will continue to do this. 

Ask about their price range, contracts, and fees.

Each agency has a different structure. There are those that charge an hourly rate while others lock you in on a 6-month contract. Just like when dealing with other types of contractors, you have to ask them about their fees and the deliverables they have to produce for those fees. You can come up with a shortlist of the SEO companies you have checked on. Compare their fees and make sure that they all have competitive rates.   

Pricing is a crucial element when deciding on an SEO team. This must be one of the first questions to be asked during the initial meeting with the team. Cheap SEO agencies may not always guarantee you the best services. In fact, in the SEO industry, you get what you pay for. It’s better to stick to your guns on pursuing the team that listens to your goals, objectives, and vision. Choose the SEO company which you think and feel can provide you personalised service. 

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Request for an initial consultation.

Before you sign a deal with the SEO company, it’s crucial for you to schedule an initial meeting with the SEO specialists. There are those that offer a free website audit or share their initial keyword and competition research. 

We at https://1768degrees.com/ are willing to meet up with you anytime and discuss your SEO needs over your favorite beverage whether online or offline. 

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