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One of our clients has been online for a number of years now. In the real world they have been a popular choice in Whangarei for their attention to details and service driven ethics.

Trying to meet their SEO goals, they soon discovered they’ve been ranking highly in the searches for a keyword that’s oddly not even close to their service offerings. According to Google My Business, a good amount of their traffic is generated by the phrase ‘chickens for sale near me’.

Their services have nothing to do with chickens. Cluck, cluck!

This we hasten to highlight was before they came to us.

It’s not exactly a win-win situation, but it isn’t an entire loss either. The fact is Google is picking up some of their content, albeit a bit off tangent on the web category. So we devised an SEO strategy that can get them back on track on their target keywords so their site will start showing up for its brand name and industry niche.

But before all that can roll out, another conundrum presented itself, apparently the previous web designers who had managed their site claimed full ownership of this clients brand website. In spite of the fact that they have paid duly for their web services, the site’s hosting and domain. The previous designers still insisted on this claim.

Then, the big leap happened.

In order to launch a new website and reclaim their brand, dignity and digital presence, they reached out to us at A reliable web development powerhouse and customer-centric creative agency based in Whangarei jumpstarted by CEO, Adam Worley.

At we build client websites, but the price we charge includes the client being able to move their site as they wish. To be met with a client that had invested significantly only to be met with this barrier led us on a search, and it appears this is becoming a norm within the industry, to lock clients in and use their investment as a barrier to exit.

We cannot control what other agencies do, but we can control our actions. We remain committed to client’s sites being theirs and if future clients want to move and are being blocked by (in our opinion) bad practices we will do all we can to remove that barrier.

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This time, ‘COMPANY A’ sat down and consulted up close with true web professionals, making sure a solid digital strategy was in play, that their website added good value to their brand and not just cost. Reinvesting well into their site’s web development with a clear eye towards flexibility and functionality, meta data and correctly undertaken SEO.

Within a week was deep into the website’s deconstruction, taking into account all the working elements of the previous site while building a new fresh and robust site structure. Integrating all the necessary elements and ensuring that the new web site had none of the broken elements that previously mired its performance. Speed and loading capacity improved, so did the navigation, the code was now obviously cleaner and well-thought-out, more than ever before. The transition was simply remarkable after the initial test run off grid. Once live, ‘COMPANY A’ couldn’t help notice the huge difference and improvement with their website in terms of accessibility, aesthetics and usability.

Once the site was completed and ready for launch, the 1768Degrees SEO team made their move to have the site re-indexed by Google. This is the process where Google search bots go through the site’s code and content, to evaluate is ranking on the website. Google often checks for signs that a website is technically sound, rich in original content and above all, essential under its industry category.

‘COMPANY A’ stated ‘We are thrilled to be working with a web design partner, who wants to truly partner. They want to ensure our end goals are met and are willing to spend the time to explain their proposals, their ideas and the reasons behind them. They don’t simply just see you as a cash cow, or you asked for X so you get X. They get into your business to find out what you are wanting to achieve and then propose a solution.’

For many real-world companies shifting their business direction towards digital, can prove too daunting; its unfamiliar waters for most and understandably, some would tread carefully especially if they’ve been burnt the first time.

For ‘COMPANY A’, the web dynamics may have changed, but the goal is still the same- to get their brand out there and build a stronger customer-base amidst a pandemic.

At, we have the skills and resources that can help you solve your online hurdles and more importantly, we have a deep understanding of how the web works. We make the best possible decisions with the tech resources at hand while keeping you in the loop during the whole process. When your site is up for respawn, we make it our aim to enhance the site, and do better than what was previously accomplished. Whatever state your website is in, whether it’s running on old code or a new framework, we’ll carry out what needs to be done. Because we take your success seriously, we always want you a step ahead of your brand competitors.

Got problems with your current website? Reach out to us!

Got problems with your current website? Reach out to us!

We have an ear ready for your web concerns, call us and feel free to sound off on your web woes. We’ll give you the support you need and come up with the best solution to get your site up and running.

What we can do here at 1768Degrees will amaze you.

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Chickens SEO and Real Estate - 1768 logo white new -

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