SEO Copywriting Whangarei – Effective Content Creation for your Business Website

SEO Copywriting Whangarei - Effective Content Creation for your Business Website - effective content creation for your business website 01 -

SEO Copywriting Whangarei: Effective Content Creation for your Business Website

Content writing to gain traction in the (SERPs) Search Engine Result Pages (website copywriting) is of crucial importance to a businesses SEO Strategy. 

Some fall into the trap of believing that a website’s content should be able to keep up to the ever-changing algorithms of search engines. The simple truth is that content should be written for your customers, providing information and value. In that way you wont need to worry about changes to Google or search engine rankings. 

When writing, it is very important that you write clearly and coherently, so that your readers enjoy and understand your site. However you also need Google to understand your site and to rank it highly so as to attract new customers.

Here are some tips that you need to follow to be successful in SEO copywriting.

Everyone aims to build and maintain the best website possible. By maintaining and following best practice, Google will likely put your companies results above that of your competitors. Enter ‘Holistic SEO’. 

Holistic SEO is an interdisciplinary marketing strategy that is targeted in making the best website made for a specific industry or market. For you to do it, you need to have an excellent technical design, a flawless user interface, and unbeatable security for your website.

To ensure that your website is the best amongst an ever crowded market, the articles on your websites should be informative and easy to read. Articles need to be written with your customers in mind. They need to answer customers typical questions or industry specific news. These articles are not about selling. It can be difficult to put yourself in your customers shoes, but if you are struggling we at can assist.

Before you start writing your content, it is advisable to first determine your topic. An article should typically stick to one topic and so it’s important to understand the keywords and phrases for that topic. These keywords and phrases result in your copy and ultimately your site ranking in the SERPs. That is why research is imperative. invests in arguably the best SEO software on the market used by Ebay and many multinational companies. This software allows us to understand, determine and track trends in search phrases, competitors keywords and phrases and longtail search terms.

The first step when it comes to putting pen to paper for SEO copywriting is planning your content. You need to take some time contemplating what you will be writing, before starting to write (or type) your content. You need to determine the purpose of your article, its main message, your target audience, the required information, and the order of your presentation.

When you get to the main writing stage; firstly congratulations most don’t make it this far! Make sure that you stick to your chosen topic as determined in stage 3. When you’re writing, make sure that you are in a conducive typing or writing environment and have everything you need to create your content. It’s amazing how much difference this can cause to the end outcome of your writing.

You will have the first draft of your article in no time. However, it doesn’t just end there. Make sure that you have edited and proofread your article thoroughly. It should be free from any spelling or grammar errors. You should also check it for possible plagiarism issues. There’s a lot of editing and proofreading tools that you can use to assist you.

When uploading to your site you need to ensure the images are correctly resized, content is layed out for desktop and mobile, metadata, keywords and title tags are present. Don’t forgen when naming the URL structure to choose wording appropriate for the content topic.

There you go! You have just crafted your very own Search Engine Friendly article. Copywriting. has a lot to it, so just make sure you follow these steps and you won't go far wrong.

If you have read the above and are thinking ‘That isn’t for me’, we understand. We at are proud to be a digital marketing agency focusing on SEO. This means you can leave the researching, writing and creating of engaging content to us – we will strive to get you to number one on Google. We can help you build your content to drive up your site’s traffic. 

We offer in our view the best copywriting and content marketing services in New Zealand. 

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