Get Optimised: SEO KPIs You Should Know

Get Optimised: SEO KPIs You Should Know

Without a doubt, every online brand wants to be found by Google, and every digital marketer behind that online brand wants their website high up in the rankings, and not just for a short period of time, but all year round. Add to that the different ways customers search and one keyword wont crack it, you want to rank for multiple words.

Digital marketers whether they are in Whangarei, Auckland, Bluff or the Cape are sifting their way through a lot of metrics wondering how they can do better. It’s not about an absence or low-flow of input, sometimes it’s all about interpreting the data that comes in from tracking, and how to make good decisions based on a website’s metrics.

In the process, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) serves as an effective tool in mobilising the presence of a website towards customers who may want their goods and services. 

However, the internet is already jam-packed with other entrepreneurs and business people who sell their content, services or products online: – same can be said for web designers in Whangarei or websites whangarei (there are a lot of businesses in our area of expertise) so how do you make your online presence stand out from the rest?

There is a need to track specific Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in order to monitor a website’s visibility to the online community who are into affordable websites Whangarei, Websites Whangarei, or indeed full service websites in Whangarei.

The four primary KPIs that need to be tracked are the following: Organic Click-through Rate (CTR), Keyword Ranking, Top Exit Pages, and Average Page Load Time.

Let’s discuss these factors that affect your SEO in detail:

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Keyword Ranking

If your website isn’t showing up in Google after the initial legwork, it can be very frustrating, and understandably, you’d even lose steam to proceed to the next stage. Ranking takes time, but one thing to keep in mind, search engines always favour websites with quality and valuable content. And your site’s content should contain all your essential keywords.

Keyword rankings explain the current position of your specific words in the list of a major search engines like Google. The higher it is up the list, the better. When it is closer to position one, people will be most likely click through it. As your keyword rank increases to the top, it means that Google is noting the importance of your website. Therefore, supervising keyword rankings lets you know if your specific words are enough to create traffic for more leads and sales.

For example, if you live in New Zealand, try to narrow down your area of business with keywords like “Affordable websites Auckland” or “Websites Auckland.” Google’s Pigeon algorithm update will surely lock in on your locality and niche keywords. So it’s alright to be territorial with keywords because that’s the area you do business, and of course, this is how you can effectively reach your target audience.

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For affordable websites Auckland, making your leads competitive enough will lead to conversions, funnel it right, these conversions lead to profit.

Leads or Conversions (Some digital marketers use it interchangeably) happens when a visitor finds a way to contact you to become a potential customer. Customer communication  with a visitor may be through a landing page, signing up for a newsletter, submitting contact information, initiating a phone call, or completing a purchase. By tracking leads, you will identify if mobile access or desktop can give you more conversion rates; if the conversion rates differ between genders and age groups; are there are specific pages that motivate more leads. Knowing this would allow you to adjust your sales spiels on your pages to appeal to your targeted visitor and audience. In the scenario related to our indsutry – ‘Websites Whangarei’ is a different audience to ‘Websites Auckland’ whilst ‘corporate websites’ would again differ to ‘small business websites’. They are all undoubtedly websites, but customer expectations as to what they would want differ.

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Organic Clickthrough Rate (CTR)

Organic Clickthrough Rate (CTR) refers to how frequent people view and click your ads. Your organic click-through rate is the amount of clicks that your site receives through the search results, which is then divided further by the number of times it’s viewed on the search engine’s results page.
Since Google’s Quality Score Formula identify CTR as a critical factor for website success, noting regularly, its frequency will help you determine the quality of ads the actual cost per clicks. More importantly, a higher organic CTR means more organic traffic – making it an essential Key Performance Indicator.

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Average Page Load Time

Most users have the patience of a toddler nowadays, and they are not going to spend a minute waiting for your site to load. They will most likely to go back to the previous page of  results and choose your competitor. Loading times are monitored and measured by the most hawkeyed web developers. Companies like continually monitor load times and make the necessary fixes as part of our hosting package price, allowing our customers to focus on their day job.

Page loading is technically referred to, as the Average Page Load Time, which is the total buffer time before a page comes up. To date, it only takes 3 seconds of loading time before a visitor exits the page. For affordable websites Whangarei, this KPI should be taken seriously in adjusting to the unpredictable attention span of the online audience. Whose going to buy a website from a web design agency whose site doesn’t load in times acceptable for the customer? But how to get there – for starters, regulating images, style sheets, and scripts can make a website load faster.

The Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) explained above are only four of the essential factors to track in determining website success. There are still many components, and there is a need to be knowledgeable about it. When you choose your KPIs whether that is for websites Auckland, or websites Whangarei or for your specific business take it easy and focus on the basics, by getting the basics right your business will climb the search rankings.

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