What Are Some SEO Myths You Have to Bust Out?

What Are Some SEO Myths You Have to Bust Out? - SEO Myths -
What Are Some SEO Myths You Have to Bust Out? - SEO Myths mobile -

Google itself made a claim that about 10,000 signals affect or influence their search engine results. For those who are just starting with SEO, it can be quite a challenge. Can you seriously recall from memory a list of 10,000? We know we can’t. The truth is that it is not only SEO that is difficult per se. The internet brings about myths and other forms of misinformation about SEO that make things more confusing difficult. It helps to know what these common SEO myths are to make sure that we are doing what is right to increase the site’s search engine rankings.

Metatags have no use.

Metatags are those HTML tags that you can find between the opening and closing tags. These tags are necessary to show preview snippets for a particular webpage in the search engine results. They include meta keyword phrases. There are three elements that make up a metatag. These are the title, the meta description, and the meta keyword or phrases. The title tag appears in the top or head section of a web page. The keywords and meta description are optional webpage elements.

Metatags can also make the site look more attractive and this will lure in more users to click the site because the users feel that the site has high-quality content that they need.

Top-level domains can cause your rankings to skyrocket.

The top-level domain sits on the highest position in a domain name system that is hierarchical. The majority of online users recognize the extension .com as a website extension, but they might find it confusing to find .biz or .guru. This is because when you do a search online regardless of what search engine you use, 88 percent of the websites have .com extensions. 

In 2007, ICANN introduced new domain extensions, e.g., .guru, .club, and .company. However, .com still won out against all of these after over ten years of continuous global usage. The site owner has to know that all these still boil down to what value your domain name offers to the users. You have to consider the long-term brand and the great benefits that you can reap from registering a domain name that is not only professional but has name recall.

Quantity is better than quality when it comes to links.

There was once when Google cared more for the quantity of links than the quality of content. Remember that building links using specific anchor text is vital to the SEO industry since it can boost the search engine rankings. After a while, Google realized that people abused their strategy and as a result, the SERP began flooded with irrelevant and completely bad sites which are meant only to provide inbound links without offering value to users. All these changed when Google had the Web Spam Update known as Penguin in 2012. It was the solution to link schemes and keyword stuffing at first until they took the matter so seriously that they began penalising sites that contain unnatural, manipulative inbound link profiles. 

You must ignore the myth that links are more valuable than content. What you need to think about is putting your ideas to good use by creating lots of content from them. You may also improve the current content you have using those very same ideas. Information is power and it’s in your pocket. We know that by heart as SEO experts here at 1768degrees.com

Social signals have no impact on SEO.

A lot of people think that the likes on Twitter, Facebook, and other social media sites don’t impact the site’s Google rankings. If that is the case then why would businesses care about improving their social activities? Others ask about the SEO benefits that they can get from such social media sites. The right mindset of a business site owner should be focusing on whether the site is providing added value to online users. 

The truth is that Google treats Facebook and Twitter posts like web pages for search, but not as a search engine ranking factor. This, however, doesn’t mean that social signals have no SEO value. It does influence website rankings. In this way, social activities have a lot of value. On social media sites, you are able to build your brand and send traffic towards your site which in turn influences the site’s rank on Google.

That’s what we think; it helps to be sociable, even if just online.

All backlinks are the same and equal.

Well, it has been said earlier that links can be good or bad. That goes to say that they are not equal. If you are going to compare an authority site with highly accurate content and lots of links to authority sites compared to a blog site on WordPress with no valuable content, you would likely know that when it comes to links it is not equality but equity that is valued on SEO. 

Link equity which used to be called link juice is an important aspect of off-page SEO. It enables the value and authority to be passed on from one authority site to another. It’s time to accept the fact that backlinks are not created equally and that SEO specialists and site owners must focus more on the juicy or equitable links. 

Keyword optimisation is the be-all and end-all of SEO.

Keyword optimisation is only one step of the SEO process that collectively forms part of on-site optimization strategies.. The first important step is keyword research. It is possible for you to do that using several options. Google Adwords Keyword Planner is one of the most used keyword tools. Over the years, SEO specialists and agencies have come to recommend a number of other keyword tools to use. 

Google also has autocomplete suggestions which users see when they type keywords within the search field. Users can also check the list of searches that are related to the autocomplete suggestions. These are found on the bottom of the webpage. 

Google is trying to optimise the pages for their users. That’s why if you are not careful with your use of keywords you can be penalised and your business may suffer. It means that keywords is not really the most important factor of SEO. There is no single SEO element that you can call the most essential. All the elements come together in synergy.

At 1768degrees.com, we’ve got your back when it comes to backlinks (and all other elements of SEO).

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