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SEO NZ - What You Need To Know - seo key facts -

SEO may be a complex process for some, but it can also be explained in a simple way.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is the process where your website can work its way up the search rankings of a search engine’s results. It’s all about attaining visibility around your target audience.

SEO may be a complex process for some, but it can also be explained in a simple way.

If you want your website to get found, you have to work at ways to make sure people find it, and that’s through effective SEO.

When you put out a blog post on your website, it’s a step towards increasing your website’s visibility. But to gain any popularity, you have to drive in web traffic and most of that will come through search engines and everyday you can bet, people are posting a million things online, and only a handful of these posts get to be part of the first page results.

Through SEO, you can maximise the potential of your website and all the content it has to offer.

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So what factors greatly influence SEO?

  1. High-quality, original content
  2. Strategically placed and thoughtful use of keywords
  3. Long-term and aggressive link building
  4. A robust On-page optimisation approach

Google has now made an industry out of SEO. In its early days, the rules were pretty lax, your website would be on Google because its search engine bots have organically found you. But soon people started to get more competitive, some developed bad SEO process (mostly Black Hat methods) and they would annoyingly dominate the searches in a very underhanded way. Google eventually  put a stop to this, filtering out the content farmers, keyword stuffers and back link builders through yearly or quarterly changes to their algorithms. Some algorithm changes don’t get announced and pretty much happen on the sly. You’d be pressed to find out how many sites fall off the rankings for various reasons, both known and unknown. Some get penalised and never get to make the climb back up the rankings.

Now search engine optimisation is done very differently. It has a more coordinated approach that includes a good server side framework and high quality content. 

But what exactly are these SEO methods? White hat, Black hat and Grey hat?

This is simply straightforward enough, it’s trying rank your site without breaking any known rules. Also the priority with the content is the reader — would this be a blog post a site visitor would like to read? Are my keywords too repetitive they ruin the flow of the article? 

Put it simply you are generating useful and valuable content in your site you can be proud of.

The best way to avoid any painful Google penalties is to ditch any Black Hat methods altogether. Search engines have a way of catching up with shady tactics especially when they systematically update their algorithms. But why do some users still resort to Black Hat methods? Because it’s the quickest way to beat the system and rank high for short-term results. But it’s kind of like gambling, if they found out you’ve been counting cards, you get kicked out of the casino for good. Well, if Google finds out then your website will most likely be kicked out of the search results, and all your SEO plans will be dead in the water.

Search Engines rank websites according to their relevance to a user’s search. White Hat SEO techniques primarily focus on generating resourceful content that’s useful for the users. 

Contrary to any initial impression, Grey Hats have nothing to do with Gandalf the Grey. Unfortunately, our favorite lawfully good wizard has no influence on Grey Hat methods. Being a Grey Hat means you bend the rules at certain times to suit your optimisation needs, but not enough to sound off any alarm bells. Technically, it’s a combination of both White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO methods. It won’t immediately get you into trouble, but it could still hurt your overall rank. 

If you’re new to SEO, just stay true to being a White Hat. Don’t compromise your site’s future for a quick gain on your site score. Search Engines rank websites highly based on relevancy, now that’s good place to start. Keep your content relevant and consistent, then in due time you’re bound to reach the top.

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