Instagram Vs Facebook: Choosing the Right Social Media Platform in NZ

Instagram Vs Facebook: Choosing the Right Social Media Platform in NZ - facebook vs instagram -

Social media contributes a lot to marketing any business; and when you say social media, the top player is Facebook. To date, the site has a subscriber base of 2.38 billion users. It is the top social media site in terms of active users. In the past 15 years, Facebook has changed the way users view social media networks and expanded the potential of the site for businesses.

A relatively new player in social media is Instagram which is also owned by Facebook. Instagram was founded in 2018, and since then has been enjoying a massive subscriber base. As of June 2018, there are around 1 billion active users every month.

It’s important to know the numbers and demographics of these two social media platforms for us to use them in the best way when marketing businesses online.

Facebook has 96 percent active user accounts that access the site through mobile devices. Around 40 percent of consumers said that they watch mostly videos on Facebook while 65 million small businesses created Facebook Pages. Seventy-four percent of marketers also said that they use Facebook to promote their brand.

Instagram on the other hand has 500 million active users of Instagram stories daily around the globe. In the US, 37 percent of internet users have Instagram accounts. About 68 percent of Instagram users login to the platform every day and around 65 percent of online marketers said they plan to use Instagram more to promote their brand as part of the company’s social media strategy.

So Facebook dominates the vanity numbers, but Instagram has impressive numbers when it comes to engagement. Instagram has made itself the platform where users can engage with visual content that brands share for consumers.

We are aware that statistics is more than just a game of numbers.

Let’s look at the audience demographics.

Instagram Vs Facebook: Choosing the Right Social Media Platform in NZ - facebook vs instagram stats -
Instagram Vs Facebook: Choosing the Right Social Media Platform in NZ - facebook vs instagram stats mobile -

One of the largest differences between Facebook and Instagram in terms of demographics is Instagram’s younger user base. Based on the data, a large percentage of active users are young while older users tend to be inactive. The majority of Instagram users are below 30 years old, and many of them are still in their teens. Partly the reason for this is that the young ones tend to be interested in anything trendy. This is crucial information for those businesses that aim to market to the younger demographic.

It’s not wise to ignore the older demographics of Facebook though since they have a higher income. This means that they can afford more products and services that are sold online. It means that an investment firm is more likely to succeed on Facebook compared to Instagram.

Some say go where the people go. We say go where the buyers are.

Compare the algorithms.

It’s not about visibility. It’s about visibility with the right people. The algorithm for social media feeds means the actual code that tells which posts are seen by users and in what particular order. Social media channels use algorithms to ensure your satisfaction when using the platform. They make sure that you get posts that you really like and show less of those irrelevant to you.

Instagram’s algorithm focuses on the number of hearts and comments on every post, timeliness of the post, relevance, and relationships. It also takes into account profile searches, direct shares, and time spent on every post.

On the other hand, Facebook’s new algorithm zeroes in on engagement, friends and family, images and videos, and conversation starters or posts that are likely to start engagement. In Facebook, promotional posts are devalued or demoted as well as baits or posts that merely bait for likes, comments, shares, votes, or tags.

How do they differ in marketing effectiveness?

Instagram is more appropriate for direct marketing which includes spreading awareness, featuring new products or services, customer engagement, influencer marketing, and comparison shopping. It is a powerhouse for those who are below 30 and for teenagers.

Facebook remains the best platform for visibility to the older groups for as long as you do paid advertisements. Facebook also works as a funnel for users to find third-party sites like an online shop.

We at know the right uses for Facebook and Instagram. We can develop and undertake bespoke training for your business, that can ensure you reach your ideal customers through social media.

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