Best Tips and Strategies for Facebook Advertising

Best Tips and Strategies for Facebook Advertising - Best Tips and Strategies for Facebook Advertising -
Best Tips and Strategies for Facebook Advertising - Best Tips and Strategies for Facebook Advertising mobile -

Best Tips and Strategies for Facebook Advertising

Facebook ads are known for their versatility. Entrepreneurs will be able to target any type of audience, easily, due to this multifaceted platform. Facebook has a lot of potential for audience customisation that marketers can take advantage of.

The social media site must not overwhelm you. Bear in mind that some seasoned marketers also struggle with using Facebook. All you have to do is read up on some tips and techniques (see below!) and have a go! If you are keen to undertake training, perhaps its time to consider a Facebook Advertising course?

Video is not overrated.

Some marketers ask if videos are still a relevant marketing tool on Facebook. The answer is yes, and it is massively necessary. Video offers entertainment and remains a great platform to express creativity. It’s easy for a consumer to ignore an ad copy but stays for a few minutes to watch a video ad. Users often pause from their online activities to watch an eye-catching video for a few seconds or minutes.

You can set up Facebook Ads funnel with the use of your video. 

Focus your brand on your video and narrate an interesting story. Through these, you can create an ad that will target users who are likely to watch your videos. You can show a lead generation ad. You may also include an offer on the ad such as free consultation, eBook, or free course.

Prioritise mobile-first content.

Google prioritises any content that has been created for mobile devices first. This must also be the case for your Facebook ads. You must understand that content customized for desktop access is often not accessible on the mobile device, but this does not hold the other way around. This is why you have to customise your ads to be accessible on any mobile device. This will make your ad visible to audiences that you often struggle to reach. Make sure to apply mobile best practices such as creating a vertical video for users to easily watch the video full screen without turning their phones.

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We at  make sure any content that we make is visible on all devices. Responsive design is a must for us, and not just a trend.

Come up with multiple versions of your ad copy.

Make sure that your Facebook ad always has a new and unknown element. The idea is to throw as many copies of your ad and see what sticks. Write a couple of headlines and article bodies that go well together. Each one of these must have a primary message, a solution to a particular issue, and it has to have a distinct tone and style. Test different structures such as the use of bullet points, short sentences, and long paragraphs.

Versatility means providing as many options as possible particularly when it comes to content. We are aware that there’s no one-size-fits-all solution in content creation. You just have to know yourself what works for your targeted audience.

Make use of Facebook Events.

Through the use of Facebook Events, you can target a specific audience and engage them. Around 700 million people make use of this Facebook feature. With this feature, it is free and easy to create an event for your business. There are around 35 million people who view public events on Facebook. This will serve as a platform for you to connect with your targeted customers. In return, the Facebook Event will also give the consumers the chance to experience your brand in an unforgettable way. Don’t forget to provide important event details.

Use Facebook Carousel ads.

The Facebook Carousel ads may function as a way to engage your targeted audience with humor while promoting your business. It allows businesses to use multiple images, calls to action, or links in a single ad unit.

This is an interactive ad. This offers a huge opportunity to use your creativity to achieve an increasing click-through rate. Through this feature, you can use creative graphics and copies to make it more attractive and compelling. Don’t forget to highlight your brand’s uniqueness and to tell a story.

We know utilising Social Media can be time consuming. If you are struggling, why not look at one-on-one support for your business? Here at we offer training and coaching across many specialties.

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