Auckland and Whangarei Search Engine Optimisation: Why is Technical SEO important for Websites?

Whangarei Search Engine Optimisation
Whangarei Search Engine Optimisation

Auckland and Whangarei Search Engine Optimisation: Why is Technical SEO important for Websites?

Search engines, such as Google, are always seeking the best results for their customers – They prefer to show websites that they deem as ‘excellent’.  To be ranked by search engines as excellent and ultimately appear higher on the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) your site needs to have masted the technical specifications and have well executed SEO strategies. Having a responsive design, faster loading times, and being encrypted will make search engines prefer your website amongst your peers. By playing to standard and by the rules, you are improving this side of your website called technical SEO. This means no shortcuts, no grey and black hat techniques. Technical SEO, sadly, is an often overlooked aspect in efficient web design. Some would forego it intentionally because this is entirely dependent on the skills and experience of your technical web developer or web agency. It’s not that they don’t want to do a site audit, it might simply be they have not invested in the right software to allow for this. But what business owners should understand is technical SEO is not an option you can forego, it’s a necessity that your website needs before you can unleash it online.

What is “Technical SEO”?

On the whole, technical SEO boosts your website’s content, design, and code architecture so that search engines can easily discover, read through, and index the pages of your website. Subsequently, Technical SEO is made to concentrate more on strategised code-level enhancements to your META content, website performance, and device compatibility. This makes site access easier for everyone. Having a good technical SEO implementation strategy makes your website more efficient, performs better, and gives an even better experience for everyone that visits your website whatever device they are using. This makes your website more visible to target users and brings your site to the top of the search results. Thus, bringing more traffic to your website.

Implementing Technical SEO in Whangarei Search Engine Optimisation

Getting it done on your own is not so easy; you really need a web professional that knows the intricacies of code and server-side issues. Technical SEO is everything that a web administrator does to make sure that the website adheres to the standards set by the search engines. Making sure that the site content can be indexed and ranked relevant to the search queries customers use. There are many facets in implementing a tech audit and improving a website’s backbone afterwards. Online marketers might have a good grip on the impact of SEO on their websites, however, it is the developers who deploy technical SEO strategies from sitemap reviews and site health checks. They have to make sure everything is in order before the search bots come crawling. But on the upside, Technical SEO might not be as time-consuming as other optimization techniques like link building. But a single mistake or oversight can ruin the performance of your website rather quickly. When doing technical SEO strategies for your website, you should be wary of the following:
  1. The use of the right factors for dynamic content
  2. The submission of sitemaps
  3. The inclusion of a ‘robots’ meta tag and using the robots.txt file
  4. The correct use of subdomains
  5. The structuring of URLs
Auckland and Whangarei Search Engine Optimisation: Why is Technical SEO important for Websites? - 17688degrees seo nz 02 - As time goes by, the architecture of your website must adjust with the new standards. If possible, your pages should not be more than four levels down from within the site. This pushes search engine bots to easily and regularly crawl and index your pages. Having a sound technical SEO for your website is important to maintain its good performance. It is recommended to have a technical SEO that is on par with the current UX design of your website. If your website design is not compatible with your current search engine marketing target, then you might not be able to get what you are hoping for in your website.

Technical SEO Services in Whangarei

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